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     In Today's business world transactions via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) messages have become a popular choice. As EDI provides paper-less transmission, it is quite a common way for companies to exchange their Data. Traditionally you would either need to buy an additional adapter or you could use the File Adapter in collaboration with a tool called ItemField Conversion Agent to handle the EDI messages, However, with the release of new B2B Add On, SAP has bridged the gap of working with EDI messages efficiently and easily.

     There are various EDI messages for different business use. To learn more on EDI please check the link EDI-ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE - Process Integration - SCN Wiki

     The B2B integration cockpit is a central application that allows you to monitor and access business-to-business add-on from SAP NW PI environment.

           With this webblog we will understand how to compare various versions of EDI. After reading this blog you will be able to compare EDIFACT, EANCOM ANSI X12, ODETTE, TRADACOMS, VDA and PLAIN messages.

      Now let us see how we can do this:

  • Log on to Integration Cockpit.  Path: “http:<localhost:port>/b2bic” (http://<localhost:port>/webdynpro/dispatcher/sap.con/b2b~home/B2BHome)
  • Click on “EDI Content Manager


  • Click on “Compare messages” on the right hand top corner.

And you will be directed to the page

Provide the Format, Control Key, Version and Message for the two messages you want to compare.

  • You can either show the complete message or show only the differences. Select as need and select “Compare"

  • You will now see the difference between the two messages you have selected.


  • Compare two message definitions
  • Different colors represent similarities and differences
  • Optionally include detailed segment level comparison
  • Currently available for EDIFACT, X12 and EANCOM

Further references:

December 2013 Spotlight: SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration PI | B2B | BPM | BRM

To crete and test custom EDI message version : 

B2B scenario - creating and testing custom EDI message version- ANSI X12 855v2000


Lakshmi Naik

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