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In SAP Business Objects 4.0 SP5 (I don't know if it happens as well in newer versions), if some Query BEx variable or BO filter is created in two different sources with an accent in the description, report doesn't recognize it's the same filter, and it creates two instead.

These are the BEx variables from query 1:

These are the BEx variables from query 2:

And this is what happens in BO when running the report:

If you check technical names, "País" variable is the same for both Queries (VAR_PAIS01), but BO doesn't recognize it, and BO does recognize the others. Actually, BO adds query name after the variable name just to make the difference and explain which of the data is going to be filter, if the one that come from "Solicitudes de Compras", or the one that come from "Pedidos de Compras".

This problem doesn't happen when the accent ´ is on Uppercase characters, as you can see in "Área de Negocio".

Solution is quite easy: rename the variable to any description without ´ ` ^

This affects to texts in Spanish, French, Italian, or any other language whose characters may have accents.

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