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Torsten Schnorpfeil will be presenting several sessions (along with Martin Maguth) in the SAP Workflow and Business Process Management track at ASUG Annual Conference (May 14 - May 16).  As you may already know, ASUG is conveniently co-located with SAPPHIRENOW. (You have heard of SAPPHIRENOW, haven't you???)

I've known Torsten for many years and had the pleasure of learning from him at several prior ASUG conferences.

I had the chance to catch Torsten prior to the conference and find out a little more about him.

He lives in Miami with his 3 loves - his wife, his motorcycle, and his 1970 Chevy Impala convertible.  He graciously provided me with a couple of photos:

I believe he will be making the trip from Miami to Orlando in the Chevy (I also believe he owes me a ride in it!)

Torsten has been working with SAP since the mid-90s; he started with a 'little' archiving company in Germany, and then moved to the US to build the practice here.  When I asked him why he works with Workflow (besides joking that 'I can only do process improvement in SAP!') he said that it was the perfect match for him.  Torsten has a Masters in Business Administration, and says that since he likes Information Technology and has a business background, SAP Workflow was the perfect fit for him.

One of Torsten's favorite projects was connecting SAP Workflow with Sharepoint.  He said that integrating those platforms is very interesting and challenging.  He is also starting to work more in the Plant Maintenance area, and is having fun with that.

When I asked him what he would be doing if he wasn't working with SAP software, without hesitation he said 'I'd be riding my motorcycle all day!'.  I had to press a little to find out more... he finally admitted that he would run a motorcycle shop and fix up motorcycles (only vintage ones).  Or, he would have a tomato farm.  Well, that really got my attention - because I am a crazy tomato lover when they are in season.  Torsten said that there are so many wonderful varieties of heirloom tomatoes that he thought that would really be fun.  Plus, they would be totally organic, of course.

In addition to the land vehicles, he owns a small trimaran and enjoys sailing.  If I lived in Miami, I would too! 

This year, he can be found at the following sessions.

So, keep your eyes open for this guy...

He might give you a ride in a snazzy convertible.  Or not.  But you will definitely learn some great stuff about SAP Business Workflow from him!

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