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Continuing our series of meeting the ASUG Annual Conference speakers, I would like to introduce matthias.wild of SAP.  I met Matthias in person at last year's BI 2012 in Las Vegas.  This year, his ASUG Annual Conference session is SAP Runs SAP - How SAP IT Combines the Latest Analytics, Mobility and In-Memory Technology to Delive...

Of course a special thanks goes to SAP Mentor martin.lang for introducing the SAP IT team to us last year.

I've been impressed how the SAP IT team has been the early adopters of SAP's own software.  Please meet Matthias below:

How did you get your start in BI/BW?

I joined a business IT team at SAP in 2001. My first project was to move a special ledger application from ERP into a new Business Warehouse system. I learned a lot about data modeling for the Finance and Controlling business in these first years. Even more formative for my understanding of BI visualization, self-services and user enablement have been the close engagement with colleagues from BusinessObjects division in the last years.

What is your favorite hobby?

Photography and reading. I have highest respect for everybody who can tell an entire story with just one picture, e.g. Lisette Model and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

I love reading good books. At the moment my focus are not the bestseller, but bedtime stories for my son.

What do you hope attendees take away from your session?

It is a true SAP Runs SAP story – and Analytics at SAP changed a lot in the last two years. Business governance and the user in all variants is in focus. Technology is the enabler, high implementation quality a must, data quality a non-brainer, but business adoption is the key.

You can also follow Matthias on twitter at @MatthiasWild

Have you added session 3614 SAP Runs SAP - How SAP IT Combines the Latest Analytics, Mobility and In-Memory Technology to Delive... to your ASUG Annual Conference agenda?

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