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I first met Martin years and years ago - and attendees at the upcoming ASUG Annual Conference (conveniently co-located with SAPPHIRE NOW) will have the chance to meet him too.  Martin will be co-presenting at 3 sessions, as well as the SAP Workflow and BPM Open Forum.  He was originally scheduled to co-present with his colleague Torsten Schnorpfeil for just 2 sessions, but I had a speaker back out and Martin was willing to fill in.  That's just the kind of guy he is.

I remember being so entertained - while learning so much - at all of Martin's sessions at earlier ASUG conferences (going back to, oh, I think the year 2000).  He was working for a company that specialized in Archiving and Workflow at the time, and Martin has the best stories to tell about how businesses ran prior to electronically storing their documents - back when paper invoices were warehoused in the basement of a 30 story building - and naturally, you needed to have the paper invoice in hand when you were processing payments against it.  We'll have to see if we can get Martin to share one or two of those stories, if time permits.

Here are the sessions that Martin will be participating in:

Martin does have spare time however (just not at the Annual Conference :wink: ) and when he has some, he will often go scuba-diving, or motorcycle riding.  He also travels a lot - as one might expect.  I am hoping he brings some photos of his scuba diving adventures to the conference. 

So if you see this guy wandering around at ASUG, follow him!  He is most likely going to one of the ASUG WF/BPM sessions. 



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