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Please note that this is post covers SAP Roambi products, and these are no longer available and supported.


This was a meet the expert session today - below are my notes. There was a detailed demo - for that I couldn't take notes.

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Source: SAP
New breed of apps to have easy access to system, rich, interactive apps.  Users have this in their personal systems; in UK more people access by mobile app over browse

Source: SAP

Mobile users have the most power to effect the customers

Source: SAP
Cloud based analytics, to your mobile device, can work offline

Put date on the device

Designed for mobile device, optimized for the device

Source: SAP
Deploy data securely on devices

Source: SAP
Two apps, analytics is about immediacy

Roambi - take pieces of analytics and put them in a story - designed for tablets, iPads

Source: SAP

Push data to Roambi cloud service

Two cloud services- one in US, another in Europe

Converts to Roambi view

Then synch to the device

Source: SAP

Invitation, download to the store, install the app on device

Then get your data, such as Excel

Source: SAP
Use RoambiScript to automate refresh

Source: SAP

Free 30 day trial - go to Roambi and click "Try Roambi"

Question and Answer
Q: If I go to the SAP Help at and search for Roambi, there are no search results. Where can I find the official SAP Help?
A: Help is at and in new year it will move to
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