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I am pleased to introduce SAP's ina.mutschelknaus who is an ASUG Annual Conference speaker this year.  She is also a very busy and active SAP Point of Contact to ASUG BI Community and the ASUG Data Management SIG.

Her session is 408 Information Management Influence Council Open Session so add it to your agenda today.

Q: Please tell us about yourself

A: I’ve been in data management for 17 years, starting at Firstlogic (which specialized in data quality). Then we joined BusinessObjects and expanded to data integration and text data processing, and focused heavily on how data supports analytics. When we then joined SAP, we became a holistic suite. So I’ve gone from a smaller start-up to the big SAP.

My belief is always that the whole point is to make customers successful. I spend the majority of my time talking to customers, sharing best practices, educating people on the value of their enterprise information, practical steps to move their projects along…etc. And then, of course, we fold all of that feedback back into the EIM product roadmap. It helps that information is the foundation that runs every single enterprise! (see Ina pictured to the right)

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

When I’m not working, you’ll find me on the volleyball court (sand and indoor), near the volleyball court (watching our two girls play), or in the kitchen. We love to cook. The last few months, we’ve been on an Asian trend. We picked up Jaden Hair’s “The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook” and have been making nothing but homemade Asian food. I’ve learned about Chinese sausages, Chinese black vinegar, and that there are different kinds of soy sauce (dark and lite). And the family has been expanding their palette—great fun.

If you can't make it to ASUG Annual Conference and you are an ASUG member, you can register for this May webcast:

From my personal experience, Ina works hard to help you find the right data management solution and is a great help to ASUG, customers and partners. Add 408 Information Management Influence Council Open Session to your conference agenda.

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We're listening! Please give product feedback- by Ina has over 96K views...amazing

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