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This document provides list of common errors that we face in MDM 7.1 along with the troubleshooting instructions.

Target Audiences:  SAP MDM administrators.

Issues & Solutions:

SRM MDM Known Error DB



MDM Console CRC error

Check MDM console version and MDM server version, both should be at the same patch level.
i.e., MDM cosole 7.1.10 can not mount MDM server 7.1.12.

srm mdm search UI and Config UI not able to access

  1. 1. check if you are able to connect to MDM repository thru console
    2. check if respositories are in started status (nothing broken)
    3. check if slaves are in sync with master
    4. connection test; http://<SRMservername>:<port>/SMR-MDM/SRM_MDM?
    5. check if the user configured in call structure is locked.
    6. Restart MDM repositories.
    7. Restart SRM JAVA application servers.

Master repository Broken

check DB connections;
stop salves; 
stop master;
normalize master;
create slaves;
and mount the slaves to app servers

MDM respository locked

Refer SAP Note: 1663002
check for the repository Is_Locked field; if true set it false.

MDM slave broken

remove it from call structure (MDM team) if other repositories are ok;
record the port numbers;
drop/delete the slave;
recreate the slave from master;
mount it to app server;
start the slave repository;
add back to call structure (sm34);

MDM files not being consumed

check if there are any files in ready/Exception folder;
move them temp folder; copy one file to ready for testing; 
mount master app server to console;
in auxillary server mount import server;
re- key in password and save; restart MDIS server.

MDM slave sync fails

check the sync logs;
checks if master/slave port is blocked;
re-trigger sync manually;
check if master is broken for any reason;
check if slave content is edited directly by any reason; 
drop the slave
and recreate from master (repeat slave broken steps)

MDM Console throws CRC error

check MDM console & server version both should be of same support pack level;

MDM Data Import problem

Most of the times if could be some special case if the import file, which would be causing the issue;
Looks in /usr/sap/<SID>/MDIS<nn>/logs/ for error message RC 0xffaa0200 Invalid logon credentials.
check MDIS import logs for more details;
check MDM DB connections
try importing the file manually thru MDM Import manager (work along MDM consultants)

MDM Data (supplier / catalog) missing

check if they are connection to right repositories;
check if slaves are not broken;
get the inputs from MDM consultant regarding selection they are using in UI;
launch MDM Data Manager;
user the selection to filter the data
if you are able to see in Data manager console - try sync'ing slaves with master

MDM UI search - fails

get the user ID configured in call structure
check if the user is locked for any reason
check if the user has necessary authorizations

MDM console hangs while mounting servers

check DB connectivity; telnet dbhost dbport
check port 59950 on the server; telnet localhost 59950
check MDS logs for network connectivity issues
check mds.ini parameter - sap recommendations
server memory configurations (ulimit /limit)

Try updating saphostagent & MDM executables files.

MDM Master repository
structural issue (missing field ai2_**)

check if there was any alter command triggered on DB table
check for SAP notes (if any)
try restoring back by unarchiving latest archive file. (data loss possible)

SRM UI Re-Configuration

Delete the relevant repositories from the MDM Server.
Delete old config content in DB entries from MDM_SRM_CATCONFIG table related to that repository.
Unarchive new MDM repository

MDM Repository locked (SRM _MDM UI)

The table 'MDM_SRM_CATCONFIG' in the J2ee server has a parameter Is_Locked for all the repositories.
Sol: dbeaver > connect to respective DB member> sapj1 > MDM_SRM_CATCONFIG > <select the repository> > IS_LOCKED > set to false.

MDM Repository read-only mode (in MDM Data Manager)

Check the status of repository in A2I_XCAT_DBS > A2I_CATALOGS.
Check if there are any old hanging session in MDM console > MDM server > repository > Admin > Connections. If yes, try restarting the MDM server.

Repository Outdated

MDM Console >Mount server > Connect to repository > right click > update repository.
Right click > start repository > update indices.

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