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Business Use Case:

This application is helpful for the management people to analyse the status of change requests for the corresponding data model in MDG.

This application is developed using OData and SAP UI5 as frontend.

Pre-requistes: Knowledge on OData, SAP UI5

Technical details:

  1. As a first step need to create a OData service using TCODE SEGW. Here I have created a OData with the name YMDG_ANLY_ODATA.

  2. Created two entities, one as ZDMdetaisl and the other one as Zrequest, where the first entity holds Data model field and its description and Zrequest holds type of change request, status of change request, and change request number.

   3.  Entity sets has been created as below:

4. Function import has been created with importing parameter as DataModel
      5. Once all the above points are completed, generate the runtime objects by click on  button

Service implementation classes gets generates as above, where we can write code for fetching data from back end tables depending on the requirement.

  1. As per my requirement, i have implemented the data provider class extn YCL_YMDG_ANLY_ODATA_DPC_EXT to write the logic to fetch records from tables depending upon the Data Model.

  2. Redefine the method /IWBEP/IF_MGW_APPL_SRV_RUNTIME~EXECUTE_ACTION and write the logic as shown below


By this OData development completed, we can test the odata now by adding a service under the tcode /n/iwfnd/maint_service.

Frontend development:

Now we need to consume the OData in UI5 application. Here I have used SAP Web IDE tool to develop the front-end UI.

Created a project ZMDGPOC and added the below piece of code in the same.

Here, I am using XML view, as I am comfortable with XML and normal controller.js file. You can select any any one of the view according to your comfort levels.


New fragment:



Once the frontend development is done, we can run the application to can see the end result

After this, we need to deploy the UI5 application into respective server and we can add the application to Fiori Launchpad.

Please use the below reference link for deploying the SAP UI5 application on fiori Launchpad

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