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SAP’s ingo.hilgefort has now written his 10th book on SAP BI products.  The title of his latest is Mastering SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio with SAP NetWeaver BW now available on the Kindle at Amazon.  The estimated length of the book is 432 pages and it costs $9.99 USD.  Ingo is well-known in the SAP community as an expert in SAP BI, and was named an SAP Mentor in 2009. 

The book provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use Design Studio, from beginner level to advanced level.   Those who know Ingo will appreciate that he tells you what works and won’t work in this tool.  You can follow along the examples using the SAP NetWeaver demo model.

Picture Source: Hilgefort, Ingo (2013-07-22). Mastering SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio with SAP NetWeaver BW (Kindle Location 3801). Ingo Hilgefort. Kindle Edition.

He reviews the options of who uses Design Studio and who consumes the content from Design Studio. He also reviews the deployment options – whether it be local, BW or BI Platform.  At ASUG Annual Conference we heard several questions about deploying Design Studio to the SAP Portal – Ingo reviews step by step directions here as well.  Do you know when to use LCM/aka Promotion Management?  That is covered in the book as well.

He covers Custom Style Sheets (CSS) which is the source of many questions here on SCN.  The book contains step by step directions for creating simple to complex applications, using scripts.  He shows you how to create your own template.  If you are not a programmer you can still follow the steps in the book to get your Design Studio application running.

I highly recommend this book, and at $9.99 it is an inexpensive investment to learn Design Studio. If you do not own a Kindle device (my own Kindle broke last year) you can download a Kindle reader to your PC, iPhone, iPad, etc. to read this book.  There is also a cloud reader available.

If you are still not convinced you can try a sample today at Amazon.

Reference: First SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio eBook

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