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Welcome to the March issue of the BITI Volunteer Update, a periodic newsletter keeping you up to date on important business integration, technology, and infrastructure (BITI) initiatives, events, and member offerings.

What We Need from You

We want to make sure that you are staying up to date with our BITI community and receiving information that we send. To follow the BITI community discussion space:

  1. Be sure you're logged into

  2. Click this link for the Business Integration, Technology, & Infrastructure (BITI) Jive space.

  3. Click "Follow" in the upper right side.

To join another SIG or to help others join BITI, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to

  2. Go to the dashboard at the top right of your screen.

  3. Select your ASUG profile icon, then select "Account" under your profile.

  4. Select "Communities."

  5. Select "Special Interest Groups."

  6. Find "Business Integration, Technology & Infrastructure (BITI) Communities."

  7. Select "Follow."

If you have any questions on your profile or ASUG updates, please feel free to reach out to Member Services.


ASUG BITI Webcast Series

The ASUG BITI SIG is excited to continue our SAP Developer webcast series that will be delivered by highly rated SAP speakers.

If you missed a webcast be sure to check ASUG BITI Webcast Recording Reference 2019

March 19 BITI: Code Vulnerability Analyzer

March 26 BITI: Overview of SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment

April 2 BITI: SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe (IFbA) and SAP Cloud Platform Forms by Adobe (FBA)

April 9 BITI: Overview of SAP Business Client 6.5

April 16 BITI: OData development options with SAP Gateway / SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP

May 22 BITI: Integrating My Inbox with SuccessFactors & Concur at Orica - customer story

Your Opportunity to Influence SAP

SAP Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) provides you with early insights into new SAP product developments. This is a key opportunity for you to provide feedback, input, and ideas in the early stages of development and shape the future! The registration cycle is running until March 15, 2019.

A complete list of opportunities that are open for global participation can be found here: SAP Customer Engagement Initiative - Project List

For an overview of how to find and register for a CEI project, visit When you register for a project, you will be invited to an introductory call SAP; further participation is optional at this point. Typically, a Feedback Agreement with SAP will be part of the procedure.

How to Learn More About the Customer Engagement Initiative:
The SAP CEI gives customers and partners early insights into new SAP product developments. Afterward, product managers will ask for participants’ honest assessments, input, and ideas.

  • Participate in remote or on-site sessions to discuss ideas and see if they fit customer requirements.

  • Collaborate with SAP product management to shape new product features.

  • Build a network with other SAP customers and partners using the same product.

See Influence and Adopt for more details.


Dates to Remember

We hope to see you in person at the following events:

SAPPHIRE NOW® and ASUG Annual Conference:

SAP TechEd:

  • Sept. 24–27, 2019

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

Call for ASUG SAP TechEd Speakers is coming soon
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