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This question & answer was from last week's virtual class - it was only 30 minutes but SAP answered 20+ questions below



Q: is Digital boardroom is a separate product/ separate license

A: Yes, the Digital Boardroom is a separate license, but not a separate "product"



Q: Are there plans to add ROAMBI visualizations to C4A (Cloud for Analytics)

A: yes currently in progress

A: Regarding ROAMBI, the roadmap discussion and integration plans are still under discussion.



Q: We need Digital boardroom- what will be the licence cost for partners for board room sol...

A: Yes, the license details costs, there is a URL link we can send you specifically for partners.


Q: So best practice is to push the data to the cloud, can you comment on sizing, the amount  of data that can be pushed to the cloud .

A: In terms of pushing data to cloud, this depends on the method of connector used. For heavy lifting, there are proven methods like HCI/SDI to help facilitate data movement


Q: Does it connect with other ERPs?

A: connectivity to ECC (initial release) is planned for early Q2 timeframe



Q: Do you have to move all the data to the Cloud ?

A: Depends on your business needs. If you have heavy investments like HANA for example, we have options for live data connectivity to SAP backend (Bw and S4 is coming). But our overall strategy is to provide a strong set of data acquistion capabilities to faciliitate easy data movement into cloud. this is the long term strategy for C4A



Q: Does the remote connection work on BW and .Unx

A: online conneciton to BW is planned for late H1. acquistion of data from universes is planned for Q1



Q: There was a option for Import Model from HANA. How do you add a HANA connection so you can then select the HANA system for that option?

A: There is an option called "remote connection". This will allow you to connect to your on-premise HANA instance in a live fashion. No data replication is involved.


This is different from the import model from HANA method



Q: Even for remote option there is a drop down for system so the HANA system is not listed so I am guessing you have to add the system first, right?

A: Yes, you must define a connection to remote HANA system first



Q: I assume this is available on mobile devices?

A: support for true mobile experience is on the roadmap plans. Please stay tuned to the SMP roadmap



Q: So going back to my question, where or how do I add the connection? Add connection options are for BW or BPC, no option for HANA system?

A: There are two connectivity options in C4A (data acquistion or online connection). BW and BPC is supported as data acquistion concept. HANA is suppported as an online connection concept



Q: Are there any timelines that you share to get a better idea of what is coming up when. From a data integration perspective ?

A: Roadmap



Q: Can i create whatif analysis reports ?

A: C4A offers analytic capabilties such as filtering, data exploration, etc to facilitate what-if scenarios



Q: Other maps other than US?

A: yes there is a full world map

A: our mapping capabilties is provided by ESRI. So there should be maps of other countries



Q: Do you have support for associated search like QlikView?

A: associative search / highlighting context is not in the product today.Good feedback we can take back to the product team



Q: if i have publics maps  as services in esri, can i work whit this?

A: yes, you can add layers to the geo map



Q: Does it support mobility ?

A: Mobile is on the roadmap



Q: Connect with SAP ByD?

A: no connection to SAP ByD is not supported



Q: Is there an option to build custom time filter, ex fiscal YTD when a fiscal year begins on April 1?

A: Can do it on the fly in app; can't build in model



Q: Could you please touch upon current possibilities around "data-processing"  /automation ...

A: data prep on bringing data into the cloud; combine, join data columns, enrich further



Q: What are the distribution options (of reports)

A: as building, focus on cloud-based first. Not print friendly - online

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