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Dear knowledge distributers,

We knew will help us a lot, like the way sap help F1 will help in from many perspectives. We can use it as basic help, meta data repository, web offline search engine, information explorer etc..

Let’s try some ways

[F1 is very much useful in all modules, Published here since I am in to business warehouse and many below screens also from BW]

As an initial start of any sap window, press F1 at our t-code entry part, we will see all the options /n, /o, /*etc and their usage as well

If we want to see all our development part at a glance in web, press F1 by selecting info object catalog. Here you need to select origin properly, we will see search enabled menu and links for all the objects

We can use this as a meta data repository that too in explorer

If we need help regarding routine part with example, we will find with examples using direct button 'Routines Info' on functional menu bar.

Sometimes we may need special help for columns ex: what is the need of selecting field-only when we are customizing or performing enhancements

We will see many greyed out cells separately in many t-codes, but we need summary regarding separations; always  same one that is F1 – press it, it will give documentation.

We can maintain customized documentation also using documentation tab in RSA1. We will have many help items in all the levels and it will give us clarifications as well. Even you knew the concept; F1 will provide clarification on that concept.

If we continue to explore like this about F1, It will have many other ways and features…proceed towards it :smile: .

So I suggest all to reach sap help before reaching for others help.

Thank you to SCN for gave me chance to blog and to the people for visiting the blog.

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