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What is SAP intelligent RPA online track?

The SAP intelligent RPA online track event is an unofficial SAP event organized by SAP community active members. The event sessions will demonstrate the functionalities of iRPA and describe use cases in which the solution was applied in customers' business processes. The event was structured in the format of 45-minute lectures on the RPA topics. In this 2nd edition there were new 5 presentations as the same number of first edition. The whole event was live broadcasted on Live Track youtube channel.


What is the event purpose?

The event aimed to promote and share relevant knowledge to all SAP ecosystem professionals who want to know more about the process automation tools. Also is described the importance of Intelligent RPA in any S/4HANA industry solution. This free of charge knowledge transfer was thanks to the voluntary effort of the SAP community organization team, SAP marketing and the great event speakers.

The public will realize by watching the event sessions that there are many possibilities for automating business processes in SAP Clients. We still have many barriers to cross in regard to knowledge of RPA tools. Not only do companies staff have a lot to learn about opportunities to use automation, as well as professionals need to upskill about intelligent SAP solutions.

The original schedule in april in its first edition was for lectures on weekdays. For the first time the event took place on the weekend as an agenda in a single day, which was Saturday. It was hosted in the morning in Americas and in the afternoon to evening in Europe and Asia.

As the regular SAP community events are organized for general topics ranging from technical content to functional business content, which is plenty of sessions options for speakers submission, it's not easy task to organize a topic-specific event like Intelligent RPA solution. Due this we have to say many thanks to the organizers that has made possible to gather great professionals to share valuable knowledge which has made the event very bright. Thanks to jerry.janda, pierre.col, maiara, jesse09 and from SAP team. Also big thanks for the SAP community enthusiast ruthvik.chowdary2 which is a good partner in this journey of knowledge and SAP Champion fmotter.


What they thought of the event?

The event had more than 2000 views in the first 24 hours. Very pleased result that was. The second iRPA event have repeted the same performance and interest from the first edition and the atendees' feedback was very good. We felt that the event closely maintained a trend of SAP Inside Tracks events to capture the public's attention in every session end to end. This made the event itself a complete training for many attendees who watched all the sessions.

See below for some impressions:

Sharing expertise is critical to the success of the event

Special thanks to the team of speakers who provided everyone with excellent content on Intelligent RPA. Lots of great tips were given, many guide documentation shared, and we also had a great feature commonly used in all the sessions that were demonstrations of the automatic processes at work. It has made possible to everyone sees the business process improvement opportunities, which always makes a very good impression.


The lectures were as follows:

▶️ Automate Interview Scheduling with SAP Success Factors and SAP Intelligent RPA

🎤 Speaker: chaitanyapriya.puvvada

Company: SAP

Role: Customer Solution Adoption Specialist - SAP Intelligent RPA

This session is about automating the interview scheduling process with SAP successfactors. We will take into what exactly is about with a short demo integration capabilities of recipiente, urgent care, best practices and intelligent RPA. Interview scheduling to the main objective of this demo is to position a SAP RPA for recruiting process to help SAP Technologies.


▶️ Simplified BOT building using the IRPA Recorder

🎤 Speaker: satyadeep.dey

Role: Sr. Director - SAP Intelligent RPA

Company: SAP Labs India

SAP intelligent RPA about the artifacts and components of a bot. What are the different entities that make up a bot and what are the different components of our product that are going to be need to make a bot. we'll talk about how to build a bot using the recorder and you'll see basically how these artifacts are generated automatically how the components work together. There will be a demo and basically RPA meant to accelerate digital transformation by automating repetitive tasks in a business process. Expert developers build bots which augment and automate human tasks across lobs and industries.

Why do we use RPA? It's an obvious question to save time to save cost and of course to reduce human errors in business operations so broadly speaking we will see that there are three componentes: Studio where you design and automation your bot then you run this on your agents and when you are running an RPA project at scale where basically your bots are running in hundreds of machines also need to orchestrate and monitor this. So we will demoing sap intelligent RPA 2.0 that was released end of last year.


▶️ RPA for Finance, Tax & Accounting

🎤 Speakers:


Fernando Barcelos

Role: Project Manager/Director - SAP Specialist

Company: SAP Partner

Anibal and Fernando are going to talk about some opportunities for automation on the finance and tax. We will start introducing something about the the transformation chain and also the hyper automation as important concepts. We are going to share experience with you as well then we will do a quick demo about automation of a SAP scenario and then finally we will share with you some tips about how to learn more about RPA tools. Some content and resources from SAP in order to know um about more about automation technologies.


▶️ Automatic Sales ordens

🎤 Speaker: awb01

Role: Project Management S/4HANA

Company: Techedge

This overview is a opportunity to learn more about intelligent RPA platforms based on information in SAP Best Practices.This is a real Project experience to provide the Sales Orders especially in some countries like in Brazil where you take a good attention on taxes requirements and complexities.

We will provide automation example to convert the PDF files to sales orders with the use of intelligent RPA. Some benefits to consider is time saving, eliminate human labor cost, enable remote reporting and easy customization.


▶️ RPA as an Enterprise Digital Transformation Platform for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Industry

🎤 Speaker: Amit Limaye

Role: Senior Vice President and Global Head, Sales and Business Strategy

Company: Stellium Inc

This is na overview of why we can talk alternatively about iRPA adoption in manufacturing and supply chain. We will give couple of examples of how we are shaping the transformation using Intelligent RPA. It is what we have done as gold Partner for SAP over nine years. We have been associated with pretty complex supply chain and manufacturing transformation on SAP platform and hence becomes natural for us to take an industry view when we want to go and implement iRPA.


What about the future events?

As we could see there was great interest from the public to joing in the event sessions about the important automation tools. It is essential for SAP customers, partners and professionals to make a clear understanding about the proposal of Artificial Intelligence and RPA on improving business processes and performance. There will always be spot to schedule the Intelligent RPA Online track event for many more time (Check here the 3rd Edition).

I would like to thank all those who have joined us on this knowledge journey and I hope the lessons learned during this second edition will make a big difference in the adoption of innovative technologies. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who was part of the event organizer team, valuable professionals who went up on stage to share great innovative content with all atendees.
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