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Manual Planning using Data Store Object (DSO) in Integratd Planning


This document provides you how to do Manual Planning on top of a Data Store Object.

Business Requirement:

Performing manual Planning through Input ready query using DSO.

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Create Data Store Object.
  2. Load Data to the Data Store Object.
  3. Create an Aggregation Level.
  4. Create an Input ready Query.
  5. Perform Manual Planning.

Steps in detail:

1) Create Data Store Object

To start with the Planning on top of a DSO, the prerequisite DSO should be Direct DSO.

In the below screenshot, the Direct DSO (ZDS_PLAN) was created.

Select the Planning Mode option in the settings.

2) Create an Aggregation Level.

All characteristics of the DSO objects need to be used in the aggregation level.

Exception: If a characteristic can be derived from the used characteristics by a characteristic relationship defined on the DSO then this characteristic does not need to be included in the aggregation level.

An Aggregation level (ZPL_GLV) was created with all the fields from the DSO.

3) Load Data to the Data Store Object

Since the DSO is Direct DSO, the data load was done through the APD (Analysis Process Design).

Data in Direct DSO shown below after execution of APD.

4) Create an Input ready query

  Create an Input ready query on top of Aggregation level which was created above.

Make Input enable the key figures on which the planning is going to perform. Here the price and Quantity key figures are input enabled.

Change the Query property to Change mode.

Add the required Info objects into the Rows and Columns.Save the query.

5) Perform the manual Planning

Execute the query to perform the manual Planning. Here the query was executed in RSRT transaction code.

The key figures which are set to Input enabled those will appear in different format like below and they are input ready.

Enter the values in the input ready cells and click on save.

The data will store in Direct DSO.

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