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This blog covers about the Administrator activities in BODS system using DS designer tool and Data services management console.  which involves job moment between repositories, assignment of jobs to required projects, stopping/aborting jobs upon request from a  developer.

Note: Export Import Methods using ATL files are not covered in this document.


  • Moving Jobs Between repositories - DS designer too

  • Assigning Jobs to Projects(folders) -DS designer too

  • Procedure to Abort a Job - Data services management console

                   A. Moving Jobs Between repositories.

1. Connect to common local repository from DS designer tool.

Fig 1: Login to DS system using DS Designer

Fig 2: Select Common local Repository and lick on OK.

2.  Connect to central repository and activate (One time activity)

  • Give double click on “Central Repositories” button as shown below.Fig 3: Central Repository from DS Designer tool (on start page from default layout)


  • On top-up window, Select central Repository  and click on activate button  as shown belowFig:4 Central Repository Top up window.


3.  From (top) menu options click on Central Object Library as shown below.

Fig 5 :  Central Object Library

4.  A pop up window will open for Central Object Library of Central repository as shown below.

Fig 6: Central Object Library of Central Repository.

5. Expand “Batch Jobs” to get list of jobs as shown below and select the requested Batch job.

Fig 7: Batch Jobs in  Central Object Library of Central Repository.

6.  If requested Job is locked by any user, there will be a red color tick mark show as below

Fig 8: Locked Batch Jobs

7. If the requested Job in locked status please go back to developer and request to unlock it.

8. If the requested job is not locked, select “Objects and dependents” from menu options after giving right click on the requested job as shown below.

Give right click on the requested job -> Get latest version -> Objects and dependents

Fig 9 . Get latest version of job along with Objects and dependents.

9.   A pop-up window will come after some time with the job movement status as shown below. (close it, if success full movement)

Result : The requested Job movement finished from central repository to common local repository and the same job will be available in common local repositories Job list.

                B. Assigning Jobs to  Projects(folders)

If required to assign the job to a particular project after movement  Please proceed as described below.

10.   From common local repositories “ Local Object Library Pan”  – 1. Select project tab, 2. Give double click on the requested Project to add it to "Project Area Pan".

11.   Requested Project will be added to project area pan as shown below

12.   From Local Object Library Pan of  common local repository – 1. Select Jobs tab, 2. Select the requested jobs shown below.

13.   Drag and Drop the selected job from Local Object Library Pan to Project area pan (Please don’t drop on the any other job, try to drop on empty space). To complete the requested task.

Result : the requested Job will be added to a specified Project.

           C. Procedure to Abort a Job which is in running state 

Administrator should perform This action from Data services management console, Proceed with the steps described below.

14.   Login to Management Console (URL)


15.   Click Administrator as shown below

16.   Click on Common local  Repository  at  Status Tab

17.   Select the job to be aborted

18.   Click on  Abort

Result : Job should be aborted Successfully

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