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In current situation, we know the world is changing around us, and managing COVID cases in the enterprise has become part of the daily business our customers are faced with. Most of the organizations made the decision to proactively close our offices and shift our teams to working entirely from home, ahead of a wave of self-quarantining measures in the states and the countries we operate in.

we all know that this state is not permanent, even as we grow to understand and accept that this temporary situation is going to persist considerably longer than many of us expected. So right now, before we get too comfortable, it’s time to start planning for the “next normal” and ensure that we have the right information at hand to make the smartest proactive decisions.

every organization is taking measures to mitigate any risks on business and workforce from COVID-19. currently organizations are looking for solutions to establish a process and track COVID cases within organizations.


Aim :

Aim is to build a solution as quickly as possible on top of existing successfactors system, enabling organizations to establish a process around reporting and managing COVID cases with-in organization. With a established process,  Organizations will be able to better manage COVID cases and mitigate risk on possible outbreaks, future planning and workforce by acting on cases as soon as possible.

We aim to make use of customer's existing technology landscape with new SAP technology.

  • Use SAP Cloud Platform extension framework.

  • Use your Success-factors to track cases in the organization (customer's existing landscape)

  • Proactively identify and notify co-workers with close contact

  • Create transparency and planning tools for the leadership


  • Employee can report and manager their COVID cases and recovery process

  • Tasks automation on a case submission, such as leave etc

  • Real time notification to respective authorities for appropriate action

  • Identification of possible suspects within organization and Act by notifying suspects

  • Track COVID with real time analytics

  • Seamless integration with SuccessFactors. (Navigation to SuccessFactors directly from application


Solution consists 2 side-car extension applications built on SAP Cloud Platform , on top of success-factors. We have integration with Microsoft Azure application services and graph apis for identifying possible suspects on a positive COVID Case.


Technical Architecture used:

Technical Architecture


Team member Experience:

Team member can report a new incident within organization and manage their incident including submitting recovery/resuming work request.

Reporting a new Case

Information Captured: Leave Request , Current Geo Location,Evacuation/help request,Medical Document


Managing case & recovery process:

Team member can manage their incidents including recovery request submission.

Recovery Request Submission


HR Administrator (Covid Task Force):

Once we are able to capture all this relevant data within successfactors system, you can make sense out of this data and provide real time analytics on COVID situation within Organization:

  • Incidents submitted in last 24 hours

  • Total Incidents in organizations

  • Last 5 days trends on new Incidents and recovery

  • Percentage of Active vs Recovered incident


Covid Task Force Home Page


View & Act on case

  • View details submitted by team member and certify medical document for every new submission or Recovery request.

  • Approve request post verification.

  • Navigate to team member profile and org chart in success-factors .


Incident view for HR Advisor


Suspect Identification:

  • Identification of possible suspects list.Possible suspects are generated from accessing last 15 days Microsoft teams meetings. This is achieved by following steps:

    • Accessing email address from SFSF

    • Read calendar events using Microsoft graph APIs. Learn more about Azure Graph Apis here

    • Retrieve all the participants from last 15 days, read back employee details from SFSF and populate the final result.

  • Risk category is generated based on last contact with positive person and age.

Recovered Incident View:


Geo mapping for cases:

Geo Map for all incidents reported



Making use of the latest SAP Experience, we were able to quickly establish a solution that helps Employees and Companies to manage the impact of COVID to the organization.

Intention was to create something very quickly using SAP Digital stack with what can be available in customer landscape. solution can be scaled up with various IOT based and different mechanism for contact tracing.

Special mention to my team mate  adityas for his expertise on integrations and help on this.

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