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When you have a loot of remote systems connected to your Sap Solution Manager, you wil need to update/change  or verify you saprouter / saprouttab information usually; for add a new system, for change a remote public/private IP from a external system, etc...

Whit that Solution Manager Option you will be able to edit the content of saprouter from your central Solution Manager, that will be useful to add new rules or edit saprouttab without access to server where sapouter is installed.


We are not able to setup a new snc connection with that option or renew from SAP Solution Manager, for that you will need to access to Saprouter server.


1.- Access to Server where Saprouter is installed and install a ftp server, Firezilla is what i used on my own test.

2.- Check that you don't have any problem to access remotely to that ftp server, that will be save you communications problems trough firewall ports.

3.- go to solution manager spro img guide, open "SAP Solution Manager" -> "basic configuration" -> "Sap Router" -> "Update Saprouter information..."

(tested on Solution Manager 701, i don't found that setup path on img for Solutiom Manager 7.1SP8 but transactions still works)

4.- Add new entry, in that table you have to add the server name where saprouter is installed, and FTP account details for access remotely.

On that screen you have to add the next fields mandatory (sorry for Spanish screenshot)

Host Saprotuer:   IP adress where is installed saprouter

Internal Saprouter: to indicate SAP that we don't need to read information from SAP.

Dir.IP.SAPServ:   IP adress where is installed saprouter (the same yues i don't know why)

User:                   ftp user account

Password:            *******

Account:              account name ( not releant )

5.- one's the setup is done you will see something like that:

If you click on saprouttab you will access to the next screen that is the saprouttab editor.

6.- Now you only need to run the command "saprouter.exe -n" in the server, you can't do that using that tool, but you can found a solution in the next options:

- Run a bat process that or service that execute that command if you find some modification in saprouttab.

- a remote command created on SAP transaction SE69

- Calling a webservice

- With a litter script o program that execute the saprouter command in the server if you found any modification in saprouttab


                SOLMAN_SAPCONECT   ( don't work on Solution Manager 7.1 SP08 )





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