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Hi fellow readers.

Two years ago, Gartner placed Location Analytics under the spotlight: « Analytic and information leaders should focus on leveraging geospatial and location intelligence to meet demand for location-referenced information analytics. BI and analytic use cases can instantly benefit from leveraging location and new business processes via the Internet of Things »(1).

Two years later, the above statement has never been more true than today. With the quick rise of IoT and Big Data, companies have now built-up thousands of gigabytes of location data into their warehouses and databases. And they cannot afford to ignore it or minimize their importance, to stay ahead in a permanent growing competition.

However, challenges often exist when implementing a complete Location Analytics strategy. The spatial dimension tends to be absent from the enterprise reporting process, due to silos that exist between teams managing spatial data and teams working with business data/analytics, or even a fear of overwhelming complexity and time to invest.

This is why Galigeo is thrilled to announce further investments in the Location Analytics space with the introduction of its solution "Galigeo for SAP Lumira Discovery and Designer", to help companies define and implement a clear and sustainable strategy.
The solution supports both Lumira Discovery and Lumira Designer, in a self-service manner.
This post introduces the new features of this release. You can find a complete overview of what’s the extension is capable of here: Galigeo For SAP Lumira Discovery and Designer.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Since April 2019, Galigeo For SAP Lumira Discovery is free to use, without any time limitation. Check out more here.

Flows – Visual correlation between origin and destination

At first glance, this feature seems geared for Logistics, Supply-chain or Air Transport, and it is. But it can be helpful for any vertical. For example for a Sales & Marketing use-case, to see the relation between customer and distributor locations.

Give it a try right!

On-the-fly Geocoding – Bring your addresses, get points on your maps

This new feature really aims to make Location Analytics as simple as possible - we aim to abstract all the complexity related to location data for the business user or BI Analyst. To sum it up, all you have to do is bring your addresses from your BI dataset, and the Galigeo extension will take care of geocoding them – converting them to a Latitude and Longitude effortlessly - and shows the precise location of the point on the map.

Another article about « on-the-fly addresses geocoding » in the Galigeo solutions exists on analytics guru Iver Van Der Zand's website.

The Geocoder solution is turnkey, and exists either in the cloud or can be deployed on premise.

Geocode your addresses now!

Come and discover all the other features that will let you build maps geared for your business needs, and drive your spatial analysis on good wheels.

Take a look closer at the Galigeo For Lumira solution

Galigeo is an SAP Solution Partner and World Leader in Location Analytics for more than 15 years.

If you are interested to learn more or talk about a project, feel free to reach out to me in PM.
Just drop a mail at

Stay tuned about latest Location Analytics and SAP BI news on the social media!

You can find us on the SAP App Center as well.


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