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APOS Systems hosted this webinar on April 11, 2019. The webinar recording is available on demand from the APOS website.

The webinar focused on the data connection types and data sources available for use with SAP Analytics Cloud, and on how you can expand your data connectivity options with the APOS Live Data Gateway solution.

There are two types of data connectivity for SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • Acquired

  • Live

Acquired data is uploaded (i.e., imported, copied). SAP Analytics Cloud can acquire the following data sources natively:

While acquired data is static and must be refreshed from time to time, live data connectivity is, well, live, and does not need such updates. Live data continues to reside within the original data source, behind the corporate firewall.

The webinar goes into greater detail about how this live data connectivity is achieved by SAP Analytics Cloud (spoiler alert -- CORS).

Live connection to the following data sources is provided natively by SAP Analytics Cloud:

Your choices, when it comes to data connectivity, will depend on multiple factors, but can be summarized in three categories:

  • Functional requirements

  • Data privacy requirements

  • Data volume requirements

There are currently limitations imposed by both acquired and live data connectivity, so it is important to have a full understanding of your current and future requirements before making connectivity decisions.

If the benefits of live data connectivity outweigh the limitations for your organization, then the APOS Live Data Gateway can expand your options and let you connect live to a great variety of data sources and data source types.

The APOS Live Data Gateway allows you to connect quickly to existing data sources and leverage your investments in modelling and security.

The APOS Live Data Gateway support a growing number of data sources, including:

The APOS Data Gateway also features "APOS Views." APOS Views provide a semantic layer between your enterprise relational data sources and your SAP Analytics Cloud stories, allowing you to implement measures and dimensions. APOS Views Make relational data sources more cloud-friendly.

APOS Live Data Gateway is one of three solutions by APOS for use with SAP Analytics Cloud:

Learn more about the APOS Live Data Gateway at the SAP App Center, or at the
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