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Past two weeks had gone very perfect, there were couple folks from business directly connected us for using solution manager for ensuring security of the entire system landscape, it’s because recently they received the information about SAP Security patch process day.

SAP Security Patch process day- What it is?

Security is the very big concern in Today’s SAP environment; we can go for secure installation but without making constant maintenance this is become big challenge, we had recently heard from SAP about SAP Patch process day, it was very simple concept; it’s a one of the very good security strategy.

As per SAP guidance, we could consider every second Tuesday of the month as “Sap Patch Process Day”. It is not kind of release schedule. It’s just creating a much disciplined regular plan for checking the security notes, patch updates, latest releases.  It means, creating a dedicated day for checking security related information, review it with your landscape and take action.

SAP Security Patch Process Day – How it is?

With this feature, SAP provides clear workflow for security validation and also make us more discipline by without ignoring any latest security related notes.  We have to nominate one of our representatives to sap as security patch contact, later he will be the responsible person to set the “patch day road map” for the methods and tools used for ensuring security in our entire landscape.

Role of Solution Manager

Though we have some generic options for ensuring security like security note search, SAP Solution manager is the major tool. More over Solution manger act as central security check hub for security patch process day. Entire series of security checks on the entire landscape carried out with the help of solution manager.

EWA Reports!! Always Helpful!!

EWA report has the strong recommendation for security related suggestions, like parameter change, DB Patch information; OS level security patch suggestions, Details SAP security release notes, Password risk details and much more.

We could sometime ignore the importance of EWA, but security suggestions in EWA reports are very best approach to make our environment away from security breaches but other potential threats.


This helps to list the status of implementation very recent sap hot news released from active global support.  (Hot news are the top prio1 notes, taken consideration as system crash or major data loss ) .

Change Management- System recommendation

I really wonder, how many of the customers ignoring one of the very finest functionality in solution manager, this is very good feature and made it work and you can visibly see the advantage of missing sap notes in entire system landscape.  There are couple of blogs already available to list out its features. Solution Manager System Recommendations feature review

Configuration and validation

This is another feature integrated with solution manager, using this you can compare your current system landscape settings with the SAP Standard latest release/customized target release to get the list of corrections, notes you have been missing in your landscapes. More over it helps to make sure all your the system in your landscape at the same security patch level. Other way it helps for cross system security check comparison too. There are various comparison option available like compare against security notes, hot news and patch notes. More details available here

Security Optimization session

It is one of the expert guided session provided by SAP to directly asses the security of your landscape and provide suggestion for improvement, Its available as self guided services in solution manager. More details refer here.

Other SAP Code Exchange reports for Central Security check

Security Dashboard

Solution manager 7.1 delivers the most efficient and transparent security dashboards, This is available under cross application dashboard apps, we can add to our management dashboard view for display the status.

Interesting Reads

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List of Z reports from Code Exchange behind all functionality

Lets use all the above mentioned features with in solution manager and make the landscape more secure and safe.

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