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Inspired by chaimbendelac’s excellent blog Developing with XS Advanced: A TinyWorld Tutorial I wanted to explore developing with XS Advanced further.

One precondition is the Web IDE for HANA, with Make SAP HANA XS Advanced work for you and How to update your sandbox HANA system to SPS 12 already in the bag, this was relatively easy to achieve.

In fact, I used this opportunity to update my HANA system to Revision 121 and my XS Advanced Runtime to version 1.0.28 as well as XS Monitoring, XS Services and HANA Runtime Tools to service pack 2.

One important difference to a standard HANA installation or update is the requirement of parameter xs_components as per Note 2304873 - SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA SPS12 - Release Note:

Then I select the Web Ide and DI CORE packages, together with the other packages mentioned above and start the update process:

This runs for a while, but eventually the Web Ide 1 component gets installed:

Eventually all finishes successfully:

And from the HANA XS Advanced Command Line tool, I can see that my Web IDE for HANA is now available:

From the mtaext file, I next check the DEV_SPACE property:

If this does not exist, I have to create it and assign it to my user:

So, I log on and start developing with everything deploying just fine:

Have fun :wink:

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