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It has been a while since my first experience with the new web based SUM 1.0 SP14/15. Now we are at the same tipping point with SWPM 1.0 SP20.

When I start sapinst.exe as usual, I do not get the familiar fat client but the following message to connect with a web browser:

Which I do and is in fact very convenient. In my case, I just upgraded a Solution Manager to 7.2 and must perform a Dual-Stack Split:

The first improvement I realize is that warning messages do not appear a potentially overlooked pop-up windows any longer, but fully integrated into the user interface:

And then, like SUM, I got the full overview of my task list so that I know exactly where I am in the procedure:

Finally, of course, I got all my log files at hand:

Again, how cool is that?!
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