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SAP UI Masking is a tool that sits between the database and GUI to protect the sensitive data. Basically the tool works at the presentation layer which can be used for making a field display only, mask using a pattern or completely hide the field itself without impacting the application layer that runs the business processes.

Attribute Based Masking: ABAC Policy cockpit is the feature in the product that offers many ways to protect the sensitive data like Hiding, disabling or masking the field as the per the requirement.

In below example, we will use Attribute Based Masking on field HOUSE_NUM1 with respect to transaction codes ME21N, ME22N, ME51N and ME52N.

Business Scenario: Each time a requisitioner or buyer manually enters a delivery address on  a Purchase Order, it creates a new MEAN address number. Requisitioners and buyers need to use the available delivery address numbers that are in the system as MEAN addresses because the house number is printed on PDF that is creating confusion. The requirement is to make "House Number" field non-editable.

ME21N Before


Prequisite: Add-on UISM100 must be installed first in the system to achieve Field level Masking

Configuration Steps:

Configure Technical Information (Table Name-Field Name) of field in masking configuration.

The Technical Address of a GUI field can be find by pressing “F1” on the field.

Technical Information


SPRO -> SAP NetWeaver -> UI Data Protection Masking for SAP S/4HANA --> Maintain Metadata Configuration

  • Maintain Logical Attributes

  • Maintain Technical Address

Under Maintain Logical Attributes --> Click on New Entries

Logical Attribute

Select the application module as M Materials Management and hit save

Application Module - Materials Management

Click on Maintain Technical Address --> Click on new entries

Technical Attribute

  • Enter the table, field name, and Logical Attribute. C

  • Select the row and click on Mass Configuration

  • Select all and Generate Customizing

  • Save

Table and Field Information

Data Protection Configuration:

  • Maintain Policy Details for Attribute based Authorizations

ABAC Policy

 Assign the policy to the Logical Attribute and Generate

ABAC Policy Mapped to Logical Attribute


House number field is uneditable

ME21N After

Summary: In this blog post, we have learnt how to make a House Number 'HOUSE_NUM1' field non editable in Purchase transaction codes by using Attribute Based Masking (ABAC).

Conclusion: Please share your thoughts and feedback in a comment.

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