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Note: Issues facing during ECC-SLT-HANA scenario. In my scenario, each system is standalone system. We have connectivity between three systems.

I have discussed the issues only at ECC system side which we get and highly important.

1. First and primary note is DB USER NAME; it should not be a “SYSTEM” standard user. SAP strongly recommends not using “SYSTEM” as a user for Non-Administrative tasks. i.e. instance, to replicate data to specific SCHEMA and read it from ECC by means of HANA as a secondary database.


For instance, during creating a connectivity between ECC and HANA, HANA as a secondary database, we should not use SYSTEM as username as shown given below.

This screen shot has been captured from "DBCO" transaction code in ECC system.

2. User name and schema name should be same when we are working HANA as secondary database.

For instance, HANA DB Schema name is “ECC_HANA_800” and then DB user name at ECC side should be “ECC_HANA_800”. Because when we are executing the HANA transactions at ECC system side, it would search for tables, views and corresponding HANA objects from schema name similar to our DB user name at ECC side i.e. ECC_HANA_800.

Please create the technical user name seperately at ECC system similar to SCHEMA NAME as shown given below.

This screen shot has been captured from "DBCOCKPIT" transaction code in ECC system.

Please find the screen shot below for reference on HANA DB. Schema Name is “ECC_HANA_800” which is similar to Connection user name at ECC system.

3. We have to configure the connection information as per given below instructions.

For instance please find configuration details below.

HANA Server URL:

Port Number: 30015

Connection information would be

This screen shot has been captured from "DBCOCKPIT" transaction code in ECC system.

4. We need to have authorization to read the tables, views and respective objects from HANA Schema when we are executing HANA related transactions at ECC system via secondary database access to HANA DB.

For instance, I am executing “FBL3H” transaction code from ECC which would run on secondary database which is on HANA. During the execution of FBL3H transaction code, it would read the data from HANA secondary database.

Since it has no authorization, it would turn into dump at ECC system.

Thank you very much for referring to my blog. I have discussed only ECC system issues.

I will publish my next blog on SLT and HANA system issues for these kind of scenarios.


Ravi K Chandragiri

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