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This document will try to create the necessary documentation for the creation of a transaction to update a system using the new SAP Maintenance Planner tool, this tool needs some prerequisites:

This link is all the documentation SAP:

As data necessary to make the process need:

Once we can access the platform, we will see the main screen as follows:

The methodology of change is make it simpler and where once again had a great influence Marketplace.

Now from the SAP Support Portal you will choose the system if it is well synchronized with the LMDB and SLD and downloaded it, once done this the stack.xml and downloads are down and will connect to the system and updated. We will proceed to do a real example.

Once we have read the documentation we proceed to do so.

Once in this screen we will go to "Explore Systems" and there we will see that our systems are synchronized between databases and SAP.

Select the system you want to execute any amendment or transaction.

This system will have to be fulfilling all prerequisites for running the transaction and the changes to be made afterwards.

Within this screen, we will select the system, once selected will show us that this step we have to run.

Synchronize, verify, plan and execute the schedule, with all the steps previously calculated.

Once we proceed, we will add the information we have and the changes to be made. Which can range from planning as planning it will take to update the system to see how it works.

Done this and complete, the application will return to the main page where we see that at the bottom we appear as we have created a transaction and this can apply the effect or if we think it is right do it

Then re-enter and to see that we have defined a plan, we proceed to make changes and download the software (both add-ons, such as patches, notes) to install the new system, this will make the necessary calculations.

This will allow us to decide what changes we want to do and exactly what version or do, once downloaded it apply to our system. And we will make the appropriate changes to our system.

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