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Hello All,

You want to upgrade your SAP HR Support packs in your ERP system. Since SAP is seeking all customers to use Maintenance Planner I am going to walk you through that how can you download SAP HR Support Packs.

As per SAP Maintenance Planner User Guide prerequisites are as below. (Page Number 25)

In ERP HR Systems:

Select the relevant HR files. This option is available on your system if:

  • You have a valid RFC destination to the managed system maintained in Solution Manager

  • SAP-HR or EA-HR or HR-CEE component is installed on the system

In your SAP Solution Manager system You need to make sure that RFC between SAP Solution Manager and Managed system is correctly configured as below

Once you have it all RFC in place you can open Maintenance Planner

Create Maintenance Transaction for your system selection  "Plan a Minimum Software Change"

Once you on Select Files page you will able to see Add HR Packages button as below

Click on that button will bring one pop-up window as below and it will ask you to select HR Support Packs available for you to download as below

You can select required HR Support Packs and continue with next screen

Now as you see below you have added HR Support Packs to your Maintenance Transaction and on this screen you can add them in to your download basket pressing Push to Download Basket button and you can also download Stack file pressing Download Stack XML button

You can directly download stack file and your download basket will be look like below

Please use SUM tool or SPAM transaction to implement your downloaded support packs

Thank you for reading

Yogesh Patel

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