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In this blog, you will learn about a solution that has been developed for the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2019.

SAP APJ SEEDx Program helped us to penetrate in new field of IoT. With the help of this, we have learned a lot and learned to use SAP IoT Platform for the PoC. Initially we started with the small design, but later on developing, we have realized that, this one can be a great Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Tracking module with SAP B1 tools and services. We started to build a prototype and succeeded to do a prototyping with custom Industry Standard Hardware's.

Solution Demo Video: M-CUBE– SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2019


Submission Details:

Solution Name:

M-Cube (Maintenance Monitoring Module)


Solution Description:

M-Cube is a targeted application (add-on), which helps organization for preventive and corrective maintenance. This solution is built on SAP Business One and SAP IoT Platform which is connected through sensor and a particular object.

Each sensor will have crucial parameters mapped, required by company continuously against their issues faced. It provides analytics to users based on previous data and live interaction with machine on SAP Business One. This helps management in following:

  1. M-cube gives live results, which boosts management’s decision power on the right time to save cost.

  2. It provides analytics based on previous and current data.

  3. It takes data from remote location too for further analysis.

  4. It predicts spares & accessories requirement based on previous data stored along with resolution provided.

The common problem faced by any maintenance engineer is “How to track maintenance schedule”, Now M- cube is the solution as a resolution of the problem. It gives alerts to users based scheduled / raised activities.


Solution Use Case:

Real Prospect Use- Case :

We have one of the prospect, who is dealing in UPS manufaturing and services. He is facing problem with after sales service calls and AMC’s due. It was next to impossible for him to track all AMC  / breakdown maintenance / shut down due to temperature rise event occurs in UPS system along with the large number of  customer base and variety of the products.

This prospect was facing this issue with multiple shutdown complaints on multiple client locations in UPS system due to temperature rise. Unfortunately, maintenance manager was unable to resolve these issues on time. Moreover, he was unable to predict such instances /. Breakdown through historical data.


Persona Identified:


Pain areas:

  1. Unable to handle record manually for variety of supplied items and onsite service calls.

  2. Hard to assign service engineer to the AMC / breakdown / shut down calls.

  3. Service engineer is always unable to analyse the root cause of the issue through any mode.

  4. There is no maintenance / machine history, where all issues and their resolutions have been assigned.


Solution Details :

Solution offers to prospect in order to solve the pain areas:

  1. Each and every UPS will have a smart device attached, which will monitor the temperature.

  2. This smart device will be connected to SAP IoT platform and will provide live feed to cloud with set frequency.

  3. M-Cube will fetch the live feed from SAP IoT platform and check the minimum and maximum range defined within the thing master.

  4. An Activity will get generated, in-case of confirmation of multiple readings exceed maximum range or goes below minimum range.

  5. Assigned user will get alert through system or on mail, once the activity is posted.

  6. There will be a history maintained in system for list of open and closed activities under machine history Menu.

  7. Live feed of each device can be seen on screen.


Solution Technology :

Solution Architecture :



  1. SAP IoT Platform

  2. Service Layer

  3. IoT System Architecture with Custom Hardware Interface


Go-to-Market Strategy :

Industry Focus :

M-Cube basically targeted as Multi Domain platform for Preventive and Corrective Maintenance. But will be helpful to the Manufacturing Industry as well as Service Industry. M-Cube will be converted into (IIoT) Industry 4.0 Application in coming development plans.

Gather customer pain areas and map the relevant solution using IoT and SAP platforms. We can provide real time analytics as well as decision making power to the customer.

M-Cube as a solution will provide Live feed of deployed things and alerts along with the analytics for the future predictions. It will also give an option of a knowledge base where users or service engineers can see earlier history and a solution applied for the problem, which will reduce the breakdown time.


Marketing strategy :


Road Map:

Further development to IIoT / Industry 4.0 Application with Industry Standard Hardware, will be followed as :

Currently, M-Cube is monitoring temperature of the UPS, but with the continuous improvement and future development, we will able to monitor more parameters such as:

  1. Incoming and outgoing supply Voltages / Currents.

  2. On time / off time UPS System.

  3. Breakdown time based on current setups.

  4. Online status monitoring of the system (Live Feed).

  5. Maintenance time taken for repair or AMC.

  6. Automatic Activity Posting for AMC service call.

  7. Assignment of the Service Engineer based on location and skill sets.

  8. Will provide a solution knowledge base, based on live feed and current problem detection.

  9. Auto reply to issue with the prerequisite and to do tests list to check whether the problem is severe or small.

  10. Analytical result providing to the Service Engineer as well as Service Manager.

M-Cube as a universal solution can be configured for any customer from any domain apart from current prospect. Based on its need and crucial parameters like: Viscosity, Rotations of Spindles and so on….

M-Cube will be configured in future to map other Machines like CNC, VMC, HMC, hydraulic press machines and SPM’s too.


Contact Information:

Partner:  SoftCore Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Country:  India

Team Name:  SoftCore Development team

Team Members:

  1. Mr. Manoj Jagadale

  2. Mr. Munawwar Mookane


Conclusion :

Solution which provides power to management in taking decision on right time to save cost and manpower through managing their machine maintenance by automate whole maintenance cycle and provide alert on AMC/ shut down and breakdown.


For more information about the development challenge, you may refer to the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2019
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