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I have an Excel file of sales data and wanted to see how it looks on a Bubble Chart.  I need at least two measures, at least according to Wikipedia.

In the above I show sales, profit and use sales to show the Bubble Width.  Category of sales is used as a data legend for the color.

I can show the the data labels as shown above and below:

But to be honest, it is too busy to have the numbers on the bubbles (my take).  I'd rather have the category names on the bubbles but I couldn't figure out how to do that.  If I have time I will submit that to Idea Place.

It does look nice when I publish to the Lumira Cloud as shown above.

If I add profit to the bubble height it looks strange to me as well.

Just for fun, I did a tag cloud in Lumira, but that really doesn't suit here:

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