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Q&A Session for  SAP Lumira Question and Answer

Thanks to ashishc.morzaria sougata.dutta karl.kwong

Date:  Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Q: When will Lumira 1.16 be released?

A: Next release will be made available around SAPPHIRE time frame.


Q: if we have no immediate plans to go to SAP HANA or Lumira server, is there still enough of a business case for implementing?

A: Yes, three parts - Lumira Desktop does not require HANA - connects BI platform, share files from Lumira DT - also cloud - - free model. Lumira Server - looking to make more affordable.


Q: Could you give us brief a overview on what Lumira is?

A: High level over - see last week's ASUG session last week. Lumira is part of BI portfolio, focused on self-service BI, governed data discovery, share insights with others - desktop, cloud, and server component.

See SAP Lumira – A Glimpse to the Future


Q: When will Lumira Cloud work with Internet Explorer 11

A: Working on IE10 and IE11 support now; can't give exact date.


Q: Where best to get information on or who best to reach out to for licensing information on Lumira Server?

A: Best place to get licensing - account representative - Lumira Server is included in a number of BI licenses today.


Q: A year ago, we have been told that the ability to publish Lumira visualization to BI launchpad is coming. Can you please tell us when will it happen?

A: Very soon; already showing at conferences, released shortly. Add-on BI4.1 SP3 - simple add on to BI platform that allows integration with platform/Lumira Server


Q: Are there better options coming for Lumira - SAP ECC integration (not HANA Live) - current Freehand SQL is clunky.

A: Lumira to ECC - difficult to do so - 20K tables in there. not planning increasing ability to get to directly - see using SLT to create separate warehouse.


Q: My understanding is Explorer features will be folded into Lumira into future releases. Can you comment on this?

A: both Explorer & Lumira are in self-service  - over time add Explorer features into Lumira - more facet navigation, guided search - starting in Q3. Continuing to add later this year.


Q: can you also give us update on future integration plans between Lumira and design studio

A: Want to have an integrated experience between Lumira and Design Studio- Lumira is user created self service - Design Studio is professional IT authored - working on, no specific timeframe.


Q: I understand BW connectivity is planned in future Lumira release. any update on when we can expect?

A: No secret - working on this for some time.  Planned for later this year - see something at SAPPHIRE in a couple of weeks.


Q: Can you give us a preview of features / announcements for SAPPHIRE?

A: no, can't still working  - not make pre announcements - subject to change.


Q: It's my understanding that S16 will have SSO capability but will require Kerberos setup on HANA. Is this true and any plans for SAML support?

A: True - SSO capability in Desktop - no public timeframe for SAML support.


Q: with Lumira having its own server on HANA , are there plans to move any other Business Objects products to HANA

A: Not expect individual apps to HANA; expect to have workflows on BI platform to HANA as well. not expect WebI to move to HANA - ad hoc query and analysis on HANA. Analysis Office/OLAP/Design Studio already work with HANA


Q: Can you explain at a high level what you mean governed data discovery?

A: used to be agile data discovery - 2014 term that Gartner has coined - enable business users without IT - need understand what users are doing and auditing and control - meshing together.

A: embracing agility provided in recently regarding democratization of data - how inject IT governance and trusted data - how tell that data has been mashed up.


Q: Are there any improvements on ability to use predefined conditions or query filter panel capabilities when using relational universe as a source for Lumira?

A: looking at data acquisition and capabilities - look for more improvements in second half of the year


Q: Since Lumira Server requires HANA, it is difficult for BW customers like us who have no plan for HANA to share the Lumira visualization without involving another tool like BO Explorer. How are you going to address that?

A: Not a way without HANA - could use Explorer - want customers to look at Analysis Office/OLAP and Design Studio - they work natively with BW.  Lumira server was created native with HANA.


Q: If we want to use BI Universes in Lumira with WIndows AD connection we would need to change Lumira .ini file for each individual PC- Any plans on making Lumira use Windows AD without this setup

A: Roadmap has some enterprise manageability features for second half of the year


Q: Not sure i heard If Design Studio or Lumira is getting the ability to do SET Analysis. Can you comment on if either or both of these products are getting SET analysis

A: Product in portfolio called SET - looked at the market - attractive - looking into this category of capabilities - looking into it and expect more to come in the near future.


Q: Set analysis is a powerful feature. Please prioritize it to a higher level and hopefully we can see it soon

A: Add to Idea Place at


Q: Will there be an ability to merge more than two queries or data sources together?

A: 3 data sets ? Today you can merge 2 and merge a third one.  Today not more than 2 - happy to consider if prevent you from doing something.


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