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Hi everyone.

If, like me, you followed attentively what happened at SAPPHIRE (or better, attended it), you might have noticed that, finally, SAP officially unveiled their strategy regarding the fusion between Lumira and Design Studio.


But as I always tell myself, there is no problem, only solution.

SAPPHIRE was the opportunity to discuss directly with the brains on how we - SAP and partners - could work together to make it easy for the customers.

As an SAP Solution Extension Partner, we are and will keep on collaborating with SAP teams to ensure a smooth transition for exisiting customers, that use SAP and our solutions.

We have to keep focused on our main missions : always deliver more values to customers.

The fusion will clearly simplify the offer and we also have to adapt on our side, this is what is called being innovative.

"Here's your captain, everything is under control"



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