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This was an ASUG webcast back in September given by SAP's jie.deng  - I want to thank Jie for taking the time to answer the 34 questions below.  Be sure to register for our next Lumira Webcast: What's New in SAP Lumira 2.0

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Q: What are pros and cons of connecting Lumira 2.0 with ECC tables directly via SQ01?
A: That doesn't work with Lumira Designer - Lumira Designercan directly connect to BW, HANA, Universe.

Q: After acquiring data in Discovery into Designer, how to schedule to refresh the designer dashboard ?
A: LUMX document that contains offline datasources can be schuduled with Lumira 2.0. A: Details please see this blog -

Q: for connecting to ECC tables directly, should we not use lumira discovery & then move them to designer for final publication?
A: You can use the Universe to connect to ECC

Q: Is it right to say that Lumira has the functionalities of Design Studio and Web-I combined?
A: Different use cases for each tool - see

Q: Is there any work toward providing full 4k (High DPI) support for Lumira Designer?
A: For application runtime, it depends on how browser is supporting the high DPI. For design time of Lumira Designer, we are planning to support high DPI with release 2.1.

Q: what type of enhancements were added to the geomap component?
A: Esri map as the base map,  selection on map, reset function on map, export map to PDF

Q: Will it be possible to write back from Lumira Designer to BW.  For example my business user wants to add comments in Designer and write these back to BW - hence these comments are reuseable

A: In Lumira 2.0 you can write data back to BW in case that the query is planning query. For comments, we are planning to deliver applicaiton-based comment and data context based comment with Release 2.1 . Both comment types will be saved on BI Platform.

Q: We won't have Lumira Discovery licensed. And we don't have a technical developer. Any recommendations on how we can manage to create an aesthetic looking simple dashboard in Lumira Designer which doesn't seem business developer friendly?
A: If you don't have discovery licensed, you may try to use desginer to implement some easy dashboard . Designer has also capabilities to enable you to create a simple dashboard without any coding. Designer is not that difficult to use :.-)

Q: (To follow up on my question, the dashboard she is demonstrating right now, was it created strictly in designer, or first with discovery then imported into designer?)
A: Most of the demos that  showing are created in designer directly. One demo for Interop scneario shows stories are created in discovery and extended later in designer

Q: how can we integrate other maps into Designer? Any step by step guide
A: In designer is the same procedure as Designer Studio 1.6. please refer to documentation and some blogs

Q: Are there any demos that show creating a dashboard such as this from scratch using Lumira Designer?
A: We are planning to deliver some tutorials to cover this topic. You should be able to find that in SCN soon.

Q: if a chart is not being displayed in Lumira designer as it is exceeding 10,000 visualization points, would the same be also applicable in Designer? If yes, what is the way to change the limits in Designer?
A: Chart has the limitation of 10000 data points in discovery, as well as in designer. No plan to change that.

Q: Is it possible to obtain a "where used" list for composite objects ?
A: It's possible with release 2.0. like other components you can start the context menu item " find reference"

Q: Can a bookmark developed using Lumira discovery be converted and enhanced using Designer?
A: Lumira discovery and designer are using the same bookmark technology. The only difference is that bookmark in discovery is pre-defined. And bookmark in designer is  configurable.  So you can extend/modify your bookmark definition in designer for lumira discovery story.

Q: Row limitations on universe data source does exist in Lumira 2.0?
A: If you use direct connection to UNX, then the limitation still exist. But you can also use discovery to acquire the data from Universe and then re-use these data in designer application.In this case, data is stored in Velocity engine on BI Platform and the limit of data depends on your system

Q: Will the Lumira 2.1 have a much better conversion process from Design Studio 1.6 to Lumira 2.0 objects, especially when you need to convert 100%2B  DS 1.6 objects.
A: In 2.1 the conversion of DS1.6 to Lumira 2.0/2.1 stays the same as in release 2.0. As you may already know, you are not forced to convert. We have a compatibility mode in Lumira 2.0. All existing design studio 1.6 app keep running within 2.0 Environment with the only exception(please refer to note 2512478)

Q: Hi, in the chart area is it also possible to move around the chart labels of a chart, since you said that this is very flexible?
A: what do you mean with move around? You can format the chart label as you want or hide/show chart label

Q: In planning can you lock the cell as well as the row & Column?
A: yes, you can lock the cell as well

Q: Is the Basic Tile KPI dashboard available to download as a starting point?
A: We are planning to deliver these examples as Lumira Samples with release 2.1 Designer.

Q: Please confirm that I heard this right. SAPs recommendation is we use AFO and Lumira as self service/dashboard solution for on-premise architecture implementation?
and if we invest in the Cloud, its recommended to use SAP Analytics Cloud.
A: correct. If you have the on-premise deployment, then AO, Lumira Discovery/Designer are  the choice for self-service scenario/Dashboard scenario depends on your requirements. If you have the cloud deployment, then we recommend SAP Analytics Cloud

Q: How did you embed lumira discovery to lumira designer?
A: You can either use lumira discovery story in designer application as composite, or you can copy &paste the components from discovery story to designer application

Q: Save  View on iPad is possible?
A: You mean save Bookmark?  Yes, you can also save bookmark on iPad.

Q: what are the enhancements from mobility standpoint?
A: responsive layout, application can be scrolled on mobile device, dynamic switch to mobile specific layout at application runtime

Q: Is it possible to migrate existing design studio dashboards to Lumira 2.0 designer?
A: Yes, absolutely possible. You need to export your application from legacy mode and then import application with SAP Lumira documents mode. For details you can refer to Lumira roadmap slides and documentation

Q: for the planning component with BW - is there a pre-requisite for BW?  For example will it only work with BW 4 HANA or would it work on BW for AnyDB?
A: there is no specific requirement on BW side. What Lumira need is a planning query as datasource

Q: how will refresh the offline dataset ?
A: In case the designer app is using offline dataset, you need to go to Discovery client to refresh the offline dataset. Or you can also schedule the LUMX document to refresh the data

Q: High resolution
A: For application runtime, it depends on how browser is supporting the high DPI. For design time of Lumira Designer, we are planning to support high DPI with release 2.1.

Q: Is it possible to restrict access to the Global folder for composites, bookmarks, etc. That way business users cannot save there. How easy is this?
A: E.g. for composites. You can give the edit rights of the composites folder only to IT, and view rights to the authorized business users

Q: Is there any way to get the samples shown today that we can use to learn designer faster?
A: Will try to publish that in SCN and later to be deliverd with the standard installation

Q: Hi, after installed lumira 2.0 server the data source of old DS 1.6 applications are not loading any suggestion?
A: Maybe your 1.6 application is based on JDBC connection to HANA system? In this case you need to change the connection to HTTP based. Details please refer to note 2512478

Q: Is it possible to create our own calculation in Discovery?
A: Yes, it's possible to create the calculated key figures in disocvery client.

Q: When will the Lumira 2.0 guide be released? The current link in the SAP site still points to the old 1.x guide!
A: We renamed our product recently to from SAP BusinessObjects Lumira to SAP Lumira, the changes have not be reflected to the documentation. We are working on it. For now you can find Lumira 2.0 guide under SAP BusinessObjects Lumira

Q: is there a plan to support consuming ArcGIS Server Map Services?  REST services.   Not basemaps, but feature layers.
A: In discovery we are supporting the Esri feature layer. Unfortunately in Designer not.  We are planning to support feature layer in Designer in future releases.
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