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Hello Guys,

This is my first blog !!

Coming straight to the point,

In SLT, it is quite cumbersome to add extra fields to tables or to do performance settings specially for large number of tables.

Image result for slt ltrs transaction    <--- To add or delete fields from replication                                                                                                     settings of a table


Image result for slt ltrs transaction    <---- To assign rule to added fields to the table


Image result for slt ltrs transaction

In LTRS t-code we can change settings for particular tables to enhance the replication and these settings can be exported to a ZIP file and can be imported. By analyzing the format of these files and the strings of data inside I have developed a MACRO which will be helpful to add below mentioned three fields to desired tables with just few clicks and a simple import of the generated ZIP file.




HOW it works:

Step 1: You need to put the table names and the number of columns to be replicated  in the column               "C" and "D" respectively of the file LTRS_Automation (Which can be changed of-course if you              wish to!)

Step 2: Click on the button named "Generate Data" which will generate the required  semi-colon                     separated data strings for the desired changes.

Step 3: Click on the Button labeled "Generate csv Files" which will copy all the  data generated in                   Step 2 to respective csv files (For this you will have to  change the source code for this button             and provide some appropriate path) Please note that these files needs to be created (Without               any data) with the mentioned names  beforehand.

Step 4: Save the file with the MACRO code and click on the button labeled  "Generate ZIP file".
A zip file will be generated as per the edited path in the macro code.This zip file can be                        imported to any desired configuration to apply the changes.


The mechanism and logic is pretty simple, so you can also tweak it as per yourrequirements and note that with similar logic even performance settings and other settings under the LTRS can also be done for which you will need to create additional files with appropriate data and ZIP them all.

I am providing the link to the file with the MACRO code "LTRS_Automation" and all other settings files in which the data will be copied and saved to be ZIPED later. Download all these files to any location and change the file locations in the MACRO code accordingly wherever required( which can be done with developer mode in EXCEL)and feel free to post your queries if any doubts and suggest improvements if any.


Link to the files :





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