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Why this document?

I was really curious to see the correlation between an IDOC and an EDI interchange. And I want to share this with the community.


  • Make sure the correct Java application ( is deployed and started. Keep in mind the lazy startup mode.
  • Import the Archiver mapping archive (JAR file) into the Enterprise Service Builder.


I inserted the necessary configuration in a receiver FILE adapter, producing the EDI interchange on disk.

The result is a file, containing the EDI interchange, with extension ARC.1 and named <Sender Business System>_<idoc number>_IDOC

==> Here you have the EDI interchange and the IDOC number linked together.

If you want to archive a specific message structure in a specific phase (before or after a mapping or conversion), you have to use the pre-defined archiver mapping in your Operation Mapping:

The result is a file, containing the idoc format in XML, with extension ARC and named <Sender Business System>_<idoc number>_IDOC

Questions or remarks?

If you have a (technical) question concerning the installation, configuration or usage of the B2B add-on, feel free to send me an e-mail or post your thought or question.

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