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In the latest release of HANA cloud Q4 2020, log based data replication to HANA cloud is possible using Cloud connector. In the past, data replication from HANA on-premise to HANA cloud is done using Smart Data Integration(SDI).  With this new feature, we got several advantages of using SAP cloud connector for real time data replication from a SAP HANA on-premise System.

In the below diagram, Connection options from HANA On-Premise to HANA cloud are shown. In case of SAP cloud connector, data federation is done using SDA technology and data replication is possible with HANA Cloud Remote Table replication technology(new).

Advantages of SAP Cloud Connector:

  • SDI is trigger is based replication and Cloud connector is log based replication. So log based replication maintenance is easier than trigger based.
  • Set up of SDI is complex, which involves DP agent and hanaAdapter configurations etc. However, SCC connection to HANA on-premise set up is Wizard based and easy to do.
  • Performance is always better in log based replication Vs Trigger based.
  • More Data consistency in log based replication, because table changes in the entire database are sequenced, so order of data replication is always consistent.

Also, SAP cloud connector is used for Data replication from HANA Cloud (source) -- > HANA cloud (Target), same technology is extended to replicate data from HANA on-Premise as well.

Note: The opposite way is not possible., i.e. replicating data from HANA cloud -- > HANA on-premise.

With that above all benefits, log based replication is definitely one of the significant innovation introduced in Q4 2020 HANA cloud.


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