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Author: Geetha Madhuri Bobbili
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This is the second blog post on Location Dimension in SAP Analytics Cloud after the Introduction post. Refer to the Part 1 for Geospatial Data Processing in SAP HANA.

To create a location-enabled model from a live HANA data connection, you must first prepare a calculation view with location dimensions. Location Data must be prepared through SAP HANA Studio.

After creating a model based on the calculation view in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can add one or more location dimensions to map the Location Data imported from the live HANA system.

Create Live HANA Model:

  1. Create a Live HANA Model by navigating to Modeler > Models > Get data from a datasource > Live Data connection.

  • Select Get data from a datasource.

  • Select Live data connection.

  • System Type: SAP HANA.

Once the Model is created, create Location Dimension.


Create Location Dimension:

1. In the Data View of the model, select the Create a Location Dimension icon shown below:Note:

If the icon displays but is disabled, check that the target HANA system meets the minimum HANA version requirements specified in the Pre-requisites section in Part 1 and contact your HANA administrator.

2. In Create Location Dimension dialog, select the Location Identifier, Calculation View with the Location Data identifier for mapping.

  • Location Identifier is the key column in your calculation view that contains analytic data.

  • View Name is the Location Data view.

  • Location Dimension Name is automatically generated from your Location Data view.

  • Identifier for Mapping is the key column of your Location Data view.

3.Save the model.The model is now ready for consumption. Create a story and visualize the location data in a map.


Now we have created Location-Enabled model & Geo Map from a live HANA data connection in SAP Analytics Cloud.
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