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Now Analysis for Office allows you to build custom hierarchies to display members listed under a node interactively. Besides using pre-defined hierarchies for certain dimensions, you can group members together as a hierarchical presentation if a dimension is displayed with its flat presentation.
You can separate these members again by ungrouping them. You can ungroup a single node or the complete custom hierarchy.

• You can group members of dimensions that are stored in an SAP BW system with version 7.50 SP6 or higher.
• Members in HANA data sources cannot be grouped.
• The dimension for which hierarchy is to be created, must be Hierarchy enabled in the BW system (using transaction RSD1).

For this demo, hierarchy is created on Oil Product Group (P_PRODUCT) dimension.
Below are the steps to check/enable hierarchies using t-code RSD1.

1. Enter technical name of Oil product group for Info Object.

2. Display hierarchy type properties and enable it.


1. Insert the corresponding data source
2. Select one or more members of a dimension in the crosstab.

3. Click on hierarchy --> Group members

The Group Header dialog appears.

4. Enter a name for the new node in Group Header field.
The name will be the header for the grouped members.
5. Press OK.

You have created a new hierarchy.

This new hierarchy behaves like the pre-defined ones. You can build several nodes as well as group several nodes to higher nodes.
To ungroup a single node, select the node and choose Hierarchy --> Ungroup Members. The created node is deleted and the former display is re-established.

To ungroup your complete custom hierarchy, select one element of the dimension and choose Hierarchy --> Ungroup All. The dimension is shown in flat presentation again.
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