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I tried local client copy after installation while scheduling the client copy the below error came and solved as below.

Local client copy
error:  FINBTR@<SID>CLNT<client> destination not exist error

When I tried to
perform a client copy I got the above error in new system (after installation).

Create entry in SCC4 for new client

And logged in the target client

T Code: SCC4

Source 001

Target is 100

  •      Clicked on schedule as background job and next screen as

After this click on schedule job.

  • Then it gave an error with a pop up of FINBTR@<SID>CLNT<client>
    destination not exist

Solution:  Create the above destination by clicking on WIZARD option in the pop up (once the
error came)

  • It will open new screen and continue with RFC creation and
    give a password and proceed next.
  • Then the RFC will be created successfully and the actions as


Click on tick mark and check sm59 ….FINBTR* RFC will be

Now you can proceed with client copy without any error.

and continue

successfully completed.



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