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As per the current economic condition, taking a loan is something that became a norm for a lot of people. We can see, income hasn’t been increasing with respect to the prices which keeps soaring high. For this reason, people are usually cash strapped and are forced to borrow money in order to finance their needs. In fact, Loan has become part of our life. People want Loans for their basic requirements like buying a Home, Pursue Education, Business Expansion, and buy Luxury items like Cars and Few Personal Reasons like Medical Emergency, Marriages, and Trips etc.

Also, Loans are the lifeblood of a Financial Institution. Loans are the way an institution makes money. All businesses sell products, and a bank's product is money. Banks make money by taking in funds from depositors and other sources and then lending money out to customers. When loans go bad, it can be fatal to a bank. In extreme cases the federal government is forced to step in and bail out the system, costing taxpayer’s money.

Understanding the criticality and importance of this topic and using my Banking Experience I decided to create a small native application on Loan as part of Data Genius IV entry using SAP HANA Cloud Platform. This application is developed to provide the brief insights about the performance of Loans. It will give information about Best performing products, Bad Loans, Number of New Customers, Year wise Revenue, Loan Application Processing Details, and Social Media Sentiment Analysis etc. The data source for this application is Lending Club Statistics - Lending Club

The Application has the following navigation and each navigation page is explained below in detail:-


Best Performing Product

It gives Information about the Best Performing Product in the selected State and its respective market share.

Good Loan vs Bad Loan

It gives the information about the overall performance of the institution in terms of Loan Sanctioned. This Chart provides drilldown information of Good Loans and Bad Loans.

Good and Bad Loans are classified on the customer loan status as follows:

  • Good Loans: Accounts with Status – Fully Paid, Current and Grace Period
  • Bad Loans: Accounts with Status – Late, Default and Charged Off.

Tag Cloud

It shows the most frequently used words on Loans in terms of the Social Media. Size of the words changes with the frequency of the usage.

Sentiment Analysis

Social Media is analyzed using Text Analysis and the sentiment is fetched from the feedback of customers. We have divided sentiments into Positive, Neutral and Negative Category. This is useful for extracting the customer views.

MAP Page

Map provides the information about the total Loan amount of each state. We have defined the range of Amounts (in $ Millions) and depending upon the range, color is assigned to the respective state. This page can help you identify and compare the status of loans applied in each state in the US.

Product Page

Loan Products

It displays the various type of the loans products which are offered.

Product Details

This section is populated on click of Loan Type in Loan products Section. It provides the year wise details of Loan Product like New Loan Customers, Number of Bad Loans and Bad Loan Amount for checking year wise performance of that product.

Year Wise Performance

It shows the loan amounts availed for last three years of the products for comparison. Also on click of a year in Product Details, revenue of that year is highlighted.

Products Comparison

The table provides the comparison of all loan products in terms of Number of Customers, Loan Amount, Number of Bad Customers, Bad Loan Amount and % Bad Loan Amount.

Customer Page

New Application Processing Details

This section provides the information about the new customer loan applications status.

Verification Status

This provides the information about the document verification status of customers. These are categorized into Verified Income, Verified Income Source and Not Verified.

Customer Type

This section provides the percent of the Customer Type i.e. Corporate and Individual Customers.

Grade Wise Customers

The chart provides the count and percent of the Customers according to grade assigned.

Customer Status

The chart provides the latest customer status in terms of percentage of the loan accounts. This charts provides the information on the loan status like Current, Grace Period, Late, Default and Charged off.

Hope you like this blog. Check out below video to see the application in action.

Also, you can vote the idea at: Loan - Makes it Happen! : View Idea

Also, you can vote the idea at: Loan - Makes it Happen! : View Idea

Best Regards,

Deepak Varandani

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