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When we implemented SAP Ariba Add-on (Adapter) returns were not supported. Of course, we went live with version 5 of the Ariba Adapter.

In SAP, one of the option is create a return purchase order on the same purchase order. You fill in fields for the line item (or copy line) and flag the return flag on. Thus SAP supports both purchase order lines and returns lines in one purchase order.

Since Ariba adapter didn't support returns, we had to create separate purchase order for returns. The problem with using a separate purchase order was that if the vendor is sending a credit note with reference to the original purchase order.

We activated the purchasing advance returns process. By using advance returns process, you can reference the original purchase order number, search on it and report on it.

Note: The newer version of Ariba add-on support standard returns not the advance returns process.

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