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Hi There!  Thanks for checking out my blog.  As a Solution Manager Architect, I spend a lot of time implementing ChaRM for clients… and with lots of clients come lots of customizing requests!

I will be writing a series of How To’s, based on real world situations and requests.  Hopefully they will benefit you as much as they benefited our clients!

My third blog topic is How to Create and Use a Custom Partner Function for ChaRM/ ITSM.  This applies for both Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2

SAP Provides standard Partner Functions such as:

  • Developer

  • Change Manager

  • Production Manager

  • Tester

  • IT Operator

However, most customers don't like the names "IT Operator", perhaps they prefer "Basis". Or they want to include a field for a user called "Functional Manager".

This is an easy fix for the CRM UI in the ChaRM Documents itself and has been well documented in other blogs..  However, what about the other screens?  Such as Searching for any RfC's that belong to a particular "Functional Manager"? What about the search results table below, how do you change the column headers there?

In the standard delivered Search screen in CRM UI, these partner function fields are not customizable.  They rely on the name given in "Define Partner Functions" per SPRO config.

  • I know what you're thinking, so just go change the Partner name values in SPRO! And Yes, that is easily done, however, those change you've just made will be overwritten by the next SP you apply to Solution Manager.

For my example, I am using the Request for Change workflow (ZMCR) and I want to add 2 new Partner Functions with custom naming.

  • Business Analyst - We will use the existing SAP Developer partner function and duplicate it

  • Functional Manager - We will use the existing SAP Change Manager partner and duplicate it


  • Standard SAP Transaction types are copied to Z namespace (ie SMCR -> ZMCR)

  • Customizing is enabled for your user in CRM UI

  • Z namespace Navigation Bar Profile has been created


  1. Create New Partner Functions

  • Launch SPRO in Solution Manager System

  • SPRO -> SAP Solution Manager -> Capabilities -> IT Service Management -> Partner Determination Procedure

    • Define Partner Functions

  • Scroll to Partner Function Developer (SMCD0001)

  • Select Line Item

  • Click Copy

  • Rename Partner-  ZMCD0001

  • Text- Business Analyst

  • Abreve. ZEVE

  • Hit Enter

  • Save

  • Scroll to Partner Function Change Manager (SDCR0002)

  • Select Line Item

  • Click Copy

  • Rename Partner - ZDCR0002

  • Test- Functional Manager

  • Abreve.- ZHMA

  • Hit Enter

  • Save

2.  Add Newly created PF's to Transaction's Partner Determination Procedure

  • Return to Spro -> ...-> Define Partner Determination Procedure

  • Scroll through list to desired Partner Determination Procedure - ZMCR0001

    • Hit Enter at every warning notification for "Enter a Description that has not been used yet"

    • Select Line Item for ZMCR0001

    • Click left sub menu Partner Functions in Procedure

  • Click New Entries

  • At new screen, choose from drop down "ZMCD0001 Business Analyst"

  • Change only : Field Access Sequence choose from drop down "AIC2 Preceding Document -> SAP Service: Determination via Ibase

  • Save (prompted for customizing request)

  • Return to previous screen

  • Click New entries

  • Choose ZDCR0002 Functional Manager from drop down

  • Access Sequence choose from drop down "AIC2 Preceding Document -> SAP Service: Determination via Ibase

  • Save

  • Return to previous screen

    • Adjust new Partners

      • Define min/max for partners

  • Save


3.  Add New PF's to Transaction Type Display

  • Return to SPRO -> SAP Solution Manager -> Capabilities -> IT Service Management -> Partner Determination Procedure -> Specify Partner Function Display in Transactions

  • Note: Each transaction type has a finite number of Partner Functions allowed (10). To add your new PF's, you may need to remove any that are unused or extraneous.

  • Scroll to ZMCR entries

  • Click New Entries

    • Enter Transaction Type

    • Enter Procedure

    • Select Order Number

    • Select Function from Pop up Menu - ZMCD0001, ZDCR0002

    • Choose Role Type - ZMCD0001 - Developer, ZDCR0002- Change Manager

    • Choose Search Help - Employee

    • Save

  • Return to Previous Screen

    • Field Object Relation Name - Choose a value that is not already in use for that ttype

    • Save


4. Open ChaRM UI

  • via Transaction SM_CRM

  • Open Change Request Management menu

    • Create an RFC

  • Click small wrench to show configurable areas

    • click on Details assignment block


  • In Available Fields Menu, Expand BTPARTNERSET group

    • Search through for custom PF's - Business Analyst

  • Click and drag Field Business Analyst to window on right, drop at desired location

    • Adjust field as desired

  • NOTE: If you don't see all your custom PF's in this list, log off Solution Manager and close your browser, log back in and try again.

  • Save


5.  Final Result:

  • RfC's:

  • Searching RfC's:

  • Search Results Table:



Now you can use this partner function as you would a standard SAP PF, even create Email Actions for it.  Next Blog maybe?


Thank you for reading and have fun customizing!
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