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As a Solution Consultant, I work on projects where I help our customers find unique solutions to different business needs using the LiveEngage platform.

When SAP approached LivePerson, I was given the task of applying our B2C/B2B platform to B2B2E use cases. Quite simple from the sound of it, but there were technical complexities including, user authentication; secure messaging channels; chatbots and backend integrations; and, on top of that, achieving all of the above at scale.

LiveEngage is used by many leading brands in the world, allowing their customers to contact them on their channel of choice. Now it's time to make the lives of employees and suppliers much easier, bringing them closer to their employers or the businesses they work with, by offering asynchronous messaging capabilities so that they can interact on their own terms, when most convenient for them and on the go.


It’s not all about B2B

Have you noticed, all the world’s ablaze with talk of AI, bots, automation and messaging?

At LivePerson it’s all we talk about, but mostly in terms of brand to consumer relationships and communication.  Now, I’m very happy to say, together with SAP, we’re starting to apply our LiveEngage platform to B2B / B2E use cases.  

Whether you’re wanting to communicate with your suppliers or employees or both, LivePerson’s messaging platform, LiveEngage, helps you do so in a way that is conversational and continuous. The asynchronous nature of messaging means your SAP Cloud Platform users can reach out to you and respond in their own time.  The relationship is ongoing. Suppliers or employees can come and go from the conversation and receive push notifications to alert them when there is a response. With messaging, history always remains, providing your users easy access to previous conversations and content, which they may wish to return to in the future.

More than that, with the additional help of bots and AI, you can promote self-service.  With bots, you’ll automate and continually optimize a broad spectrum of use-cases and improve the experience for your users.


LiveEngage Integration

We’ve integrated LiveEngage seamlessly into SAP’s Cloud Platform Portal.  LiveEngage is available for download now on the SAP App Center.

Setup is simple, once downloaded, the LiveEngage App plugs into a people portal or a supplier portal built on SAP Cloud Platform Portal.  After installing the app, just configure a couple of settings (unique LivePerson account number, campaign ID and engagement ID) and the rest is taken care of by LivePerson’s deployment team.

Once live, you’re just one click away from your employees or suppliers who simply open the messaging engagement window which contains the entire history of their conversations.  All relevant user information, such as name, email address, username, is securely passed to the bot or human agents, eliminating the need for a pre-chat survey or wasting time in-conversation.  As the conversations are tied to a user ID, your users can take the conversation on the go whether on the app or on the website.


LiveEngage integration into the Orchard - SAP’s people portal


Bots add an extra layer of efficiency.  Integrated into the backend system, they allow an employee to request useful information such as, “How many vacation days do I have left this year?”.  The information will be retrieved from the SAP backend system and presented back to the user in a conversational style. It’s like an orchestra all working together in harmony, with LiveEngage as the conductor.


What the future holds

There’s definitely more still to come.  The plan for the future is to add more bot use cases and branch out to other channels besides Web and App, so that engagement between companies and employees or suppliers can be richer and drive further efficiencies.
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