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Using SAP Dashboard 4.X, the Live Office connection feature comes quite handy to upload heavy webi reports.  Some times this is required.  But when you promote your dashboard you notice you have to import and export your dashboard from the Launchpad to change the Live Office URL.  To by-pass this, you can use the Flash Variable Connection.  The good thing about this connection is, that it will be the first thing that is going to be executed whilst running the dashboard.  In the Flash variable we create a new entry (clicking on the plus sign) and we call it: "CELogonToken".  Doing this, we catch the Logon Credentials of the user and so also the right system.  We export this value to an excel cell (B4).  In cell (B5) we enter the formula:"=Left(B4;9) to catch the system.  In cell B1 we enter the complete Live Office URL, but replacing the port by the result value of cell B5, FORMULA >> ="http://"&B5&"".  Now we can promote our dashboard through the BO LifeCycle, connecting to the right systems, without any manual interference.

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