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Objective Summary -

Due to hardware Limitations, If you have decided to move the MaxDB database on another host with high capacity hardware, you can use the below steps to successfully move in AIX environment.


Pre-requisite Steps

  • You need to install the Operating system on target host, same like source Operating system.

  • Keep IP address, Port and Firewall rule same as source Server.

  • Create users and Group on target server same as source.

  • Take parameters details and other Integration screenshot from LC10,LC13 and DB59.

  • Storage and Volume Groups Move preparation by AIX OS Team.

  • Take file system and DB level Backups.


Cutover Activities

  • Bring the source database server offline with below command and handover system to AIX OS Team.

         dbmcli –d <db_name> -u <dbm_user>,<password> db_offline

  • Below File systems which need to move. If any volume group or storage associated with below file systems, AIX OS team need to map the storage/volume group on target host.









Additionally copy below files as well

  • Copy sdb file from /etc/opt /sdb from source to destination server

  • Copy sql file from /usr/spool /sql from source to destination server

  • Change the file as per target server under /home/<sidadm>/.sdb

Environment Variable checks and changes

  • .lcaenv_<target hostname>.csh

  • .lcaenv_<target hostname>.sh

  • .profile - check if any hardcoded host name.

  • .cshrc - check if any hardcoded host name.

Start MaxDB and register MaxDB again in LC10

  • dbmcli –d <db_name> -u <dbm_user>,<password> db_admin

  • Register MaxDB Database in sap with LC10 transaction as per below link.



Common Error -

  • error code 9050 “disk not accessible”

Resolution - 

Check and correct the file permission for sap maxdb datafiles.

Exact issue you can able to find out in kernel file.

Kindly read the kernel file with below command.


Below is the command to extract kernel file into text.

/sapdb/programs/bin/protconv -p /sapdb/data/wrk/<SID>/KnlMsg -o /sapdb/data/wrk/<SID>/KnlMsg.txt


Conclusion - If you will follow the above steps , you would be able to move the MaxDB database from one host to another host in AIX environment  !!




Prabhat Singh
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