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In part 1 you learned how to Create Device Information in IoT Cockpit.

The next step is to deploy the Message Management Service (MMS). The MMS takes care of sending and receiving data from the IoT devices.

  • From IoT cockpit, click on "Deploy Message Management Service" tile.

  • Then click on "Deploy".

  • On the confirmation window press "OK" button.

  • Next, from the HCP cockpit go to "Java Applications" tab.
  • Click on "iotmms" application.

  • In the new window click on Roles tab,then click on "Assign".

  • Provide your username and press "Assign" button.

  • Click on Overview tab.
  • Then, click on the iotmms application URL and open the MMS cockpit.

Go to the next part of the blog to setup IoT simulator: Little known Ways to Try HCP IoT Services using Simulator -  Part 3

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