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This Document describes how to identify the WEBI reports created based on BEx query as datasource.

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Lakshminarasimhan Narasimhamurthy is BW certified and ABAP certified consultant and worked on multiple implementation, development and support project's within India and outside of India. He has worked for fortune 500 clients like Nestle, Warner Bros, GCC, General Electric etc. He is strong in BW, BW related ABAP, HANA modeling, BODS and BO/BI tools like WEBI, Dashboard, IDT, Lumira.


WEBI reports are used in many places with BEx query as the datasource. When there is a House keeping activity on BW end(They want to delete unused BW reports), they will ask for the list of BEx queries used by WEBI reports.  Unfortunately we dont have any such tables in the BW side.This document will fetch the list of BEx queries used by the WEBI documents.

Query Builder is a tool to get the the list of such reports.  Query Builder is a web-based application and can be accessed through following URL: http://<bo_server_hostname>:<port>/AdminTools

Similar to CMC & Launch pad we can access it via Web.

You need to run the query from here using the given below query.

CI_INFOOBJECTS is the (virtual) table where all of the information's are stored.

Field SI_KIND shows the type of the document(WEBI or Crystal etc) & the field SI_WEBI_DOC_PROPERTIES contains many parameters and one of the parameters  DSNAME(Datasource name).  Our BEx  queries start with 'Z', hence i have used the parameter DSNAME=%Z%





SI_KIND = 'Webi' AND


Output --

You will not be able to download the data to an excel sheet.

Note - It is better to maintain a excel sheet with the WEBI report name and the BEx query name. The same can be loaded to a master data infoobject/DSO and we can even generate a report of the number of WEBI reports based on BEx from the master data infoobject/DSO.

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