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"get two technical content with one course"

There are many technical training available on Linux and good options to become Linux administrator including certification. While this is great to have, SAP administrators, consultants, and engineers will miss the specific technical Linux setting, configuration, and optimization for SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver platforms. In general, the SAP specific information are available in different places outside the training course and require additional time to find and learn.

How about a Linux administrator course that cover the SAP on Linux specific technical information ? Would that make the training course more effective and focused on SAP administrator needs?

Today, SAP administrators, consultants, and engineers can access one 4-days technical training to become Linux administrator and learn about the SAP on Linux specific content. Sounds like "kill two birds with one stone" but as we love birds lets say "get two technical content with one course"

Course information

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications: Administration (course description)

4-days technical training

In addition to Linux administration content, participants will:

  • Get higher expertise at setting kernel and memory parameters for SAP on Linux
  • Leverage tools for performance optimization and system monitoring
  • Get confidence into Linux as an enterprise grade operating system
  • Leverage faster SAP deployment and configuration of SUSE Linux Enterprise
  • Gain access to many available technical information
  • Learn how to access support options from SAP and SUSE
  • Learn how to prepare and run SLES for SAP Applications for SAP Applications

This course help prepare for the SUSE Certified Linux Administrator certification exam.

NB: SAP partners get a special half-price for this course by simply entering the code "SAPPartner" during the online registration process and the discount will be automatically applied.

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