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Linking multiple profiles- A new feature available on SAP community network

Summary: This blog talks about a new feature in SAP community network where-in we can link multiple profiles, if they belong to the same person.

Many SAP consultants/SAP bloggers may have multiple IDs which they may have created at different point of times (e.g. one P ID and one S ID). However the SAP community network (erstwhile SDN) did not have the facility to link multiple user IDs of the same person.


The good news is, this feature is now available in the SAP community network.  To link multiple IDs, click on ‘Edit my profile’:

Click on ‘Link profiles’ link

A pop-up screen will appear asking you for the credentials of the profile to be linked. Enter the user ID and password and click on ‘link profile’

You will get a notification that the profile has been linked along with some other relevant information. Click on OK to view the linked profile:

You will see that the linked profile is now linked to your current profile.

References: SAP community network

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