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This document will help you in knowing the types of linking and their uses

There are 3 types of linking used in Webi

  • Element link
  • Document link
  • Hyper link

Element Linking:

When you have 2 or more blocks of data in the same report and you want to link them to analyze then element linking is used.

Following steps will help you in adding and using element linking, I have 2 blocks of data in the below report

First block shows data for state wise sales and second block shows city wise sales, when you click on the first block sales amount the corresponding second block would show us the distributed or Contributed cities data for that particular amount.

Step 1: Right click on a column of the first block and select element linking from linking option.

Step 2: select state object and click next and check the block 2 to get affected and click finish.

Step 3: click on a state name to see the corresponding block changed with respective data for that particular state.

Element linking can be used for multiple blocks (even charts also).

Hyper link:

The following steps will help you in adding Hyperlink

Step 1: Take a blank cell and add it to report

Step 2: Type text “Click here for more info”

Step 3:  Right click on it and select hyperlink, a popup appears. Write your desired site that you want to map to. (EX: )    parse it and then ok.

Step 4: Click on the link and the webpage opens.

Document Linking:

For linking two different reports we use Document linking, as a scenario I have built 2 reports State wise sales and City wise Sales

Report 1

Report 2

Step 1: Open first report “State Wise Sales” and right click on the measure value to add document link to City Wise Sales Report.

Step 2: Click on Add Document Link option and browse and select the desired report “City Wise Sales”.

Step 3: As per the below screenshot you need to pass the prompt variables and click finish. 

Your Report appears in the below format, now click on any of the measure value to get the corresponding breakup values.

The parameters in this report that are passed to second report are State and Year.

This is the result report. When you click on State- Texas and Year 2005.

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