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Hello everybody,

in this blogpost I will share a RPA use case we developed for our enmore internal social media team. For enmore, LinkedIn is the most important social media platform for sharing posts and information such as webinars and other events. To ensure the quality of the posts and to evaluate the reach and the reactions of the followers, an analysis of various parameters is required. For this purpose, LinkedIn offers the possibility to download data on the topics "Visitors", "Updates" and "Followers" in the form of three different Excel files. For proper performance Measurement, the data must be measured together.

This is where SAP Intelligent RPA comes into play!

The Process

The developed bot downloads the social media data from LinkedIn once a week and aggregates all the data into a single Excel spreadsheet that visualizes the respective information via a dashboard. The created document is then automatically sent with Outlook to the social media team's Microsoft Teams channel, where the analyses are made easily accessible to everyone.

Schematic of the automated process

For later traceability of the data origin, the three downloaded Excel files are moved to a new folder which is automatically created by the bot. The folder is additionally named with the day's date. After the files have been dropped into the folder, the information is read from the files and the data is transferred to the overview Excel file. A copy of the overview Excel file is then sent by e-mail with the current date added to its name.

Video of the process

Between minute 4:10 and 6:26 the process execution is shown.


This automation demonstrates that SAP Intelligent RPA is not limited to the use of a SAP system, but also has a high level of compatibility with other software solutions. Aggregating the information provided by LinkedIn is time consuming and not fun compared to analyzing the data afterwards. In addition to that it allows us to track the most important data points to adjust social media activities accordingly.

If this has aroused your interest, feel free to contact me!

Best Regards,

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